Tuesday, April 1, 2008

what a fabulous day!

yeah, april fool's...on me. i spent today cold and shivering at recess duty today...oh and i brought 4 kids with me. one of these kids (my own of course) peed in his pants. oh the joys of volunteering! granted, zack is only 2, and has only been going on the potty for a few weeks, but COME ON! i mean, i'm stuck out on the playground (i was the only adult amidst the 60 or so kidlets), i can't just leave the 2nd thru 4th grades out there by themselves. then, since today is my hubby's day off, i have haley call him from the office to come and get the boy (or all the kids i brought up, i wasn't going to be picky)...twenty minutes later, i just left. i told the office i was leaving, my husband hadn't shown up yet, and i had been holding very wet pants for the last 20 minutes. they were very understanding, they usually are.

yesterday we had so much rain, the pond overflowed! we had record setting rainfall for the month of march. more than 8 inches! the creek overflowed it's banks (it usually does) and got close to covering the road, but was about 2 inches shy. it was almost 70 yesterday, today it is so very very cold. if we get much more rain anytime soon, it may end up covering the road.

my hubby is going to the cardinal's game tonight. my stepmom had a "procedure" done on her foot today, so she won't be able to go. she was there yesterday. he is usually pretty excited about going to the games, but he wasn't today. i guess it's just too cold and wet to enjoy. that and the fact he is going in to work today for a few hours before the game. they are going to teach him how to do financing. he'll be able to sell you the car and a warranty, and finance it too. he's excited about it. sort of.

i had a great sunday. we went out for dinner. hubby had gotten $250 in gift cards from a friend he helped to get a really good deal on a new car (from a dealership he didn't work for anymore) and the guy gave him all these gift cards, and wouldn't take no for an answer. (funny thing is, hubby ended up making more than the salesman did! it was a $75 mini deal for the sales guy)
i had chapel hour at 6pm, so they dropped me off. i got to spent a whole hour quietly with God. our chapel is a perpetual adoration chapel. there is someone there every hour of every day. you can drop off prayer requests, and people pray for who ever needs it. it is really awesome. you feel the power as soon as you walk in the room. i like to go and crochet. i know that may seem like something you shouldn't do, but i like to. i am usually making a baby blanket, and i like to pray for the baby that my blankets are going to. crocheting is like meditating to me. my hands do one thing, my mind is somewhere else. it was so good!

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