Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lots of updating...

well, updating may not be the "right" word for it but...

bacon-bits (aka trudy or bebe) went to the neighbor's farm for grace's field trip today. she was there for about an hour. it was pretty hot, and she was a pooping fiend. the field trip went pretty well. they had cows and calves (really cute ones), chickens and chicks, ducks, a lamb, a couple of rabbits, and a horse. the kids had a blast.

i feel like crap today. my head is killing me! we ran out of tea 2 days ago and i haven't bought any yet, and i have the worst caffeine headache! add to that the cough i have, and yes i have been a little bit crabby. i guess i should get in to the doctor, but when would i find the time? i'm hoping it's just allergies, but i doubt it.

american idol...well, andrew loyd weber night was great for some, and not so great for others.

syesha: i think the judges were right, she found her strength here. she's made for broadway. i also found out my hubby has a bit of a crush on her. a woman can tell. it's ok though, it's only fair after all the comments i've made about that adorable jason castro.

jason castro: uh, memories? seriously? couldn't find a better song that suited you? not that it was a bad performance, i just didn't get it.

carly: i don't usually care for her, but i liked her performance. she did a great job with "Jesus Christ Superstar" and i really did enjoy it.

brooke: i don't get it, does she want to go home? is that why she's been blowing it lately? she can't seem to pull off songs that are anything but happy-go-lucky types of songs. couldn't she have found one of those kinds of songs?

davy a: great job on the song. i liked it. not head over heels for it, but i liked it. pretty solid performance.

david cook: i liked it ok. it wasn't my favorite performance of his, but he did ok. i have to agree with simon there, i like the grit to his voice. he didn't have it there. i don't know that he'll be doing broadway anytime soon, but he doesn't need it.

i don't do the "who's going home" picks, but i will say that syesha stole the show. finally!

please continue to pray for jessica and her family.

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