Thursday, April 17, 2008

lessons learned the hard way

here are three lessons i learned the hard way.

1. when you pick up a pig, be sure to watch out for spraying behinds.
that's right, i got pooped on. not really bad, the basement floor got it worse. i just had a little bit on my pants and my shoe.

2. don't walk barefoot in a basement if a pig lives down there.
this could be a teenager or a literal pig...especially important when lesson number one has just happened. poor zack, he's the one that learned this one...he was not a happy camper when he realized what he stepped in!

3. pigs don't really like to be picked up.
you know, i should have learned this one last week, when she (60+ pounds, mind you) threw her head back and almost chipped my teeth. actually, i did learn this lesson, but since she has to go out to her new pen in the morning, i have to suck it up and pick her up anyway. hence, lesson number one again.

since i started walking, i have lost about 7 pounds. the hubby has challenged me...for every 25 pounds i lose, i get a chicken. i think i will modify it to every 15. if i lost 60, i would be happy. that would put me in more of the normal weight range. that would be 4 chickens. what the heck would i do with only 2 chickens? keep them in the basement? that's a thought...

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