Monday, July 27, 2009

well, we've had a fairly uneventful summer...

until last week that is.

one of the kids i watch, a little girl who's 4, broke her foot. her parents didn't realize it. it wasn't swollen or bruised. so they didn't take her to the doctor until tuesday. she was put in a walking cast. wednesday, the doctors called in for more tests because they didn't like something about the x-rays. thursday, i get a call from her grandma saying they were doing even more tests and talking about bone grafts. friday, i get a heartbreaking call from her dad. she has leukemia. she started chemo that day.

i know i've been a terrible blogger lately, but will you keep her and her family in your prayers? her parents are a few years younger than me. his older sister was in my high school class. there are this little girl, her little brother that just turned 2, and they are expecting another little girl in september.