Thursday, April 3, 2008

this is totally gross...but i had to tell someone!

the other day, my hubby came home and washed his hands in our hall bathroom. it was late (after 9pm) and all the kids were sleeping and i was pretty tired myself so i didn't move when he called me. he walked into the living room holding the towel that was in there. the towel that had been clean...but now had some scary looking brown stains on it.

please tell me one of the kids were cleaning their shoes with the towel!

"uh, no. do you want to smell it and guess what it is?" he asks.

ummmmm, no. just throw it away. please, i want to pretend that wasn't really sitting on the counter in the bathroom....and praying i didn't use it to dry my hands after those stains were "deposited".

can you believe no one has owned up to doing it yet?

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C Swirl said...

I'm sure glad other families have "mystery stains" and that nobody ever does anything! It makes me feel so much better. I love your blog.