Tuesday, August 28, 2007


do i feel like supermom? depends on what you think supermom would feel like. what thoughts do you think would be going thru her mind? i think of her as being comparable to superman. maybe not the "flying and faster than a speeding bullet" superman, but the "fighting against futility" superman. for superman, there will always bad guys to chase, innocent people to save. it is a never ending battle. for supermom, there will always be laundry to do, dishes that need attention, bathrooms to clean...and then there are the kids. i feel a little like supermom, without the "super" part. to me, supermom would be able to tackle those things and ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. maybe not world peace, but even something as mundane as having a clean house for like 5 minutes. me? i'm just mom. plain ole ordinary mom. i don't even get 5 minutes a week (unless the kids are gone for like the whole week. then by the time i get it all done, it's 5 minute before the kids are home). i wish i could come up with a way to get them to help me out. but honestly, between homework and sports and allowing them some time to be kids outside, there really is no time for them to help. the only thing we require them to do is clean their rooms and the basement before spending the night out. we have been trying to be consistent, but it is way easier said than done. i do admit to getting worn down. but i must say, when the kids are trying to wear me down, they take the chance of me getting so fed up i ground them for the night/weekend instead.

tomorrow is alex's 11th birthday. it is amazing to see the person he is becoming. to witness this, truly brings tears to my eyes. i love this kid sooooo much. he may drive me completely crazy some days, but i wouldn't have it any other way. he is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Friday, August 17, 2007

1st full day, for my kids anyway

i'm still coming down from my "only have 6 kids in the house" high. today was the first full day-7:30am to 3:10pm-and it was awesome. ok, so i had to do playground duty for an hour and a half, but that's nothing! (playground duty definition: volunteering to go to school and watch the kids after lunch for play time) this included the entire school...pre-k thru 8th. they are all pretty good kids, fairly respectful for the most part. you will always have one or two that drive you crazy, but you will have that anywhere.

the girls are at a "high school musical 2 sleepover" tonight. crazy huh? i must say, as annoying as i may find the shows for kids on nick and disney, they are awesome for kids. you don't have to worry about any of the content or commercials. it isn't easy to find something that would entertain ages (almost)11 thru 2. they all love hannah montana, drake and josh, and zoey 101. it's pretty funny to see them all singing songs from these shows and dancing around the house! (even alex sometimes does)

my cousin, tim, left today. he had been staying with us since last saturday. he's a good kid, but definitely needs some guidance and a good kick in the a@@ to get him motivated. he is 17, a senior in high school, and has never had a job. now this wouldn't be a big deal to me if he was working hard on his grades, or in alot of after school activities, but he does NOTHING! he spent all summer at home. he gets bad grades. he has no ambition. he doesn't look adults in the eye when he speaks, he either looks at the ground or at his shoes. he has had trouble in school. i just don't know what to do with him. yeah, i know he's not my kid. but he is my cousin. when we went to see my aunt and uncle after tim was born, my uncle put him in my arms, and handed me the bottle. now coming from my uncle, this meant alot to me. his parents have always been there for me. my aunt babysat us when we were little, and this was before and after tim was born. i was 11 when he was born, and out of my 30 cousins, and 20 aunts and uncles on that side of my family, i am closest to them. i want to do right by them. i don't want my cousin to end up being one of those losers in warrenton you see smokin' meth and living in a run down trailer in a dump of a park. i hope my lecture about getting a job and figuring out what he wants to do in life, helped him.

and to rachel, and any of my supposed ssr's (secret stalker readers to any ssr that didn't find me thru rachel's site). thank you for reading. any comments would be appreciated. unless you are going to tell me i need to have another baby...seriously i think 5 is plenty of babies for this womb!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

august in summary

wow, has it really been that long since i posted? sorry rachel! (i think that you are the only one who reads this)

we went to branson/tablerock lake the first weekend in august. we had a great time. we went boating on the first two days and the third day we went to branson and played with the kids. i think we all had a pretty good time. the boys had fun playing mini golf. (if you haven't taken 7 kids between the ages of 10 and 2, you haven't lived!) grace actually got a hole in one. haley got 2 i think. i don't remember much about it except that i was constantly chasing zack and dodging the club when i picked him up. we turned our 4 hr drive home into a 10 hr drive by stopping and sightseeing. we went to the bass pro shop in springfield. it was so cool. they have a wildlife museum and the aquariums were spectacular! we also went to lambert's cafe for lunch. (the home of the throwed roll) the kids love that place, and the food is pretty good too. it's home cookin' and they give you alot. i mean alot! i had porkchops. i could only eat 1 because they were HUGE. anyway, we also hit meremac caverns. we all had a good time there...well except me, i had to hold a very poopy very stinky little boy. since he went after we had entered the cave, we had to finish the tour. he was very funky by the end of the tour, let me tell you! we finished up our day with dinner at stephanina's. great pizza. long long long day. that was our vacation.

today was the first day of school for my kids. grace was nervous about today, but it worked out ok. she knows alot of kids in the class, so it made it so much easier. alex is in "middle school" this year. basically it means they move around the hall and change classes. he is still in the same school, in the same class as always, but he gets to go to different teachers for english, science, and geography. tomorrow is the first full day of school. i can't wait!