Wednesday, April 30, 2008

american idol....

i apologize for falling asleep last night while i watched the show. i can't say what the cause was for sure, but it could have either been the fact i have been watching 2 babies this week, or the performances. i watched them again today, and i'm leaning a bit more toward the performances.

jason- uh, why? that's the second week in a row that i just want my question answered. are you trying to lose? do you have *gulp* someone waiting for you at home? why are you trying to lose?

brooke- well, same question as above. are you trying to lose? is it that much pressure, or are you just wanting to go home to your hubby? i can't understand how you could be sooooo good, and yet fall apart so quickly!

davey- well, yours was the performance that put me to sleep. i am starting to think that you need to go home, and spend some quality time with your radio. that was boring with a capital B.

david c- bravo! need i say more? just give him the title and lets be done.

syesha- good first song, second song was much better. i hope you get to stick around a little longer.

i am hopefully going to get around to a non american idol post tonight. i have to take the oldest to get a haircut. his suggestion, not mine. (this is a huge improvement!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

welcome miracle monday readers

today, i will tell you about my mom. when my mom was 31, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. (she had never had HPV) she had to have a radical hysterectomy (her uterus, cervix, and lymph nodes were removed, but she was able to keep her ovaries), and recovered. she didn't tell us (kids) that it was cancer, my dad told us...after her surgery. they had been split up for about 6 months when she had her surgery, but he still wanted to be there for her...and us.

this isn't the miracle.

two years ago, my mom was having problems with pain in her back and abdomen. she went to the doctor and found out she had a cyst or tumor on her ovary the size of a softball. she had already had problems with her thyroid having tumors (non cancerous), but the doctor was sure that she had ovarian cancer. she had surgery, the doctors took out the tumor and both her ovaries, and thank God it wasn't cancer. the doctors were mystified. she had been so sure she would have to tell my mom she cancer. my mom said, "God told me it was just a tumor, and i was going to be ok."

for more miracles, go see beth at .
please continue to pray for jessica and her family. the numbers haven't looked good.

thanks everyone.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

twice baked potatoe casserole

am i making your mouth water? are you dreaming of potatoes, garlic, bacon and cheddar cheese? i'm making this fabulous dish for my niece's first communion. this is something the family has come to expect from me at every big family get together. of course who could blame them. my own kids love this dish. which is high praise, considering everything else i make they turn their collective noses up at. i'm not joking, there are very few dishes i make that they actually like...well, let me rephrase that, there is very few dishes they like better than anyone else's. my spaghetti is ok, but grandma's is better. my fried chicken is ok, but aunt debbie's is way better. you get the drift. no one has even tried to make this. they are all scared to be compared to me (ha ha ha). anyway, i think they are scared to make it because i don't go by a recipe (a fact that bugs my mil) i go by feel. here's the "recipe".

(feeds at least 20)
5-7 pounds of red potatoes
1 large tub of sour cream
2 sticks of real butter
2-3 pounds of cheese
a table spoon or 2 of minced garlic
bacon bits...3 or 4 bags (or make your own- pound or 2)
milk (not sure about this, at least a cup, or more)

boil the potatoes. pre-heat the oven to 375. mash them with the butter, add milk until really creamy, add sour cream, bacon bits, and garlic, mix some more. add cheese last. mix pretty well. put into a couple of large casserole dishes, or one of those big throw away alum. pans. put into the oven and cook until the edges are brown and the center is getting a gold color.
*if you use shredded cheese, you can hold some back and put it on top. i personally use blocks of cheese that i cut into smallish chunks. just personal preference.
**i leave chunks in my potatoes. what can i say, i like chunks. i mash them, but leave some lumps. again, just personal preference.

this is a hard dish to screw up. seriously, if i haven't screwed it up yet (and i've been making it for years now) it'd be pretty hard for anyone to screw up!

now, i'm going to head to the store, take a shower, and then head to the party.

enjoy the beautiful weather!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

lots of updating...

well, updating may not be the "right" word for it but...

bacon-bits (aka trudy or bebe) went to the neighbor's farm for grace's field trip today. she was there for about an hour. it was pretty hot, and she was a pooping fiend. the field trip went pretty well. they had cows and calves (really cute ones), chickens and chicks, ducks, a lamb, a couple of rabbits, and a horse. the kids had a blast.

i feel like crap today. my head is killing me! we ran out of tea 2 days ago and i haven't bought any yet, and i have the worst caffeine headache! add to that the cough i have, and yes i have been a little bit crabby. i guess i should get in to the doctor, but when would i find the time? i'm hoping it's just allergies, but i doubt it.

american idol...well, andrew loyd weber night was great for some, and not so great for others.

syesha: i think the judges were right, she found her strength here. she's made for broadway. i also found out my hubby has a bit of a crush on her. a woman can tell. it's ok though, it's only fair after all the comments i've made about that adorable jason castro.

jason castro: uh, memories? seriously? couldn't find a better song that suited you? not that it was a bad performance, i just didn't get it.

carly: i don't usually care for her, but i liked her performance. she did a great job with "Jesus Christ Superstar" and i really did enjoy it.

brooke: i don't get it, does she want to go home? is that why she's been blowing it lately? she can't seem to pull off songs that are anything but happy-go-lucky types of songs. couldn't she have found one of those kinds of songs?

davy a: great job on the song. i liked it. not head over heels for it, but i liked it. pretty solid performance.

david cook: i liked it ok. it wasn't my favorite performance of his, but he did ok. i have to agree with simon there, i like the grit to his voice. he didn't have it there. i don't know that he'll be doing broadway anytime soon, but he doesn't need it.

i don't do the "who's going home" picks, but i will say that syesha stole the show. finally!

please continue to pray for jessica and her family.

Monday, April 21, 2008

miracle monday

first off, i would like to thank everyone who has prayed for jessica and her family. if you would like to see the impact it has had, please go to her caring bridge site.
read her last journal entry...

as for the miracle...
my hubby is the sixth of seven children. the oldest five were born in a five and a half year spread (yes, my mother in law is a saint) and my husband was born nine years after the fifth, and five years later his younger brother came along. this is just some background info on his family, so you can see where my sister in law was coming from.

my husband's oldest sister is the most maternal woman i have ever met. she was born to be a mom. she helped to raise my husband and his younger brother. she couldn't wait to be a mom. she and her husband started trying for a family when she was in her late twenties. a year went by, no pregnancy. she started seeing doctors. they couldn't find anything wrong with her. they put her on fertility drugs and hormones, still no pregnancy. she was miserable. her husband was miserable. they wanted a child so badly.
they had been trying for 3 or 4 years when everyone found out about that i was pregnant. it tore my poor sister in law up, knowing that she had been trying so hard for so long, and here we were trying not to and get a baby. it was so hard on everyone.
she went to a new doctor after our son was born. low and behold, he found a tumor the size of a softball in her uterus. her womb was the size it should be if she was three or four months pregnant. all of the medications she had been taking, had worked, but with the tumor there, she miscarried each pregnancy before she missed her period. she never even knew she had been pregnant. they removed the tumor in november, she was pregnant in december, and our nephew was born in august, two weeks before my oldest child's first birthday!
my nephew is my oldest's best friend. he's a great kid, smart, funny, friendly and helpful. he's also stubborn, and has a bit of a wild streak. he has enriched our lives.

for more miracles check out beth's blog
please keep praying for jessica and her family! it's making a difference!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

lessons learned the hard way

here are three lessons i learned the hard way.

1. when you pick up a pig, be sure to watch out for spraying behinds.
that's right, i got pooped on. not really bad, the basement floor got it worse. i just had a little bit on my pants and my shoe.

2. don't walk barefoot in a basement if a pig lives down there.
this could be a teenager or a literal pig...especially important when lesson number one has just happened. poor zack, he's the one that learned this one...he was not a happy camper when he realized what he stepped in!

3. pigs don't really like to be picked up.
you know, i should have learned this one last week, when she (60+ pounds, mind you) threw her head back and almost chipped my teeth. actually, i did learn this lesson, but since she has to go out to her new pen in the morning, i have to suck it up and pick her up anyway. hence, lesson number one again.

since i started walking, i have lost about 7 pounds. the hubby has challenged me...for every 25 pounds i lose, i get a chicken. i think i will modify it to every 15. if i lost 60, i would be happy. that would put me in more of the normal weight range. that would be 4 chickens. what the heck would i do with only 2 chickens? keep them in the basement? that's a thought...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

american idol...

i actually watched the show last night...of course it was 10pm. i was shocked that they had mariah carey (any relation to drew?) mentoring these guys. but then again, i had forgotten how many of her songs i really liked and knew. i think the only one i didn't know was the first one...the one david a sang. he did a good job. making a woman's song fit a man is not easy...or atleast i wouldn't think it would be, but the guys made it sound like these songs were made for them.

david a.- i like him. he has a great voice, but it's a little to "contemporary" (to quote my hubby) for us. i don't see us running out to buy his CD, but if it came on the radio, i probably wouldn't turn it off. he did a good job with the song.

carly- i know there are huge fans out there for her (rachel) and i just don't get it. she's good, don't get me wrong, but she just doesn't seem original to me. i don't want to say she wasn't powerful enough, but something was missing. maybe it was her tats. by the way, does anyone know the original singer? hubby says it was a country singer. i have no clue.

syesha- seriously? people don't know the song "vanishing"? i loved that song. of course i think it came out around the time my parents split up, we moved and i felt like my life as i knew it was vanishing. i think she did a great job. as for the "picking a song no one knows" comment...hey there, this someone knows it and really likes it!
* rachel, i think your comments have made it to some of the contestants...i have not seen as much back-sass from them tonight

brooke- i thought that this would be a great song for her. i was wrong. it was boring. i wish she would have changed it up some. i do love her hair curly. not much else to say. i do love her, she's got something, i just wish she would show a little more emotion in her singing...

KLC- i like this song. i can't say i cared much for her performance. she was ok, but will someone please RIP OFF THOSE FAKE EYELASHES!!! she is such a cute girl in her interviews, and then she slaps those things on her eyes, and totally ruins her look.

cook- ok, can i just say i was looking forward to his performance more than any others? he makes every song "fit" him. i never would have listened to it on the radio and thought mariah carey. he totally rocked the song and stole the show...
was that his brother in the audience?

jason- ok, following cook is tough. that's got to be the worst spot in the line up. when they showed him sitting there waiting his turn after cook's could see in his face "crap, i know i'm not going to even come close to that". he did really good though. he picked the perfect song for him. he changed it to fit his style, and he did great with it. i think he did better than davey.

recap: i forgot i liked a lot of MC's songs. guys stole the show. if i had to pick who would go home, it would be KLC or carly...maybe brooke. i miss mike johns. i would have loved to have seen him make a blues song out of one of her songs. he would have done a great job.

Monday, April 14, 2008

miracle monday...well, how about "asking for a miracle" monday

i know, today is a day when we tell about miracles we have witnessed. i have seen miracles happen after a community prays. i could give examples, but instead i would like to ask for some help.
i was friends with joe in high school. in fact, he was one of the few people that didn't treat me any different after i found out i was pregnant with alex. he and i had been "close" our freshman year, and became friends again senior year. he is one of the strongest people i have ever met, and truly one of the coolest.
anyway, we drifted apart after high school. he went to college, and i began my family, but i still think of him as a friend and wish nothing but the best for him and his family.
this is where you all come in...his wife has a rare form of leukemia that usually children get. she has had her second bone marrow transplant, and it isn't really working. in fact the doctors have told her any treatment she receives will only be to buy her more time, not for a cure. she is young...she is a mom of a young child...and a wife. she has a great heart and awesome sense of humor...i have never met her, and yet, i hope you all will join me in praying for her and her family. even if her miracle is just some more quality time with her husband and son, please pray for them!
that being said, here is her caring bridge site. please visit it. you will see what a wonderfully strong woman she is.
thank you all for reading this!
thank you beth, for creating miracle mondays.
please stop my beth's blog and see the miracles.

Friday, April 11, 2008

better late than never!

ok, today is friday, and i've yet to give my american idol opinions. i guess it's kinda late to say what i thought about each one...but i will anyway!

michael johns was pretty good. i really liked him doing the blues-y type music, but really, how many "inspirational" blues songs do you know? i can't really think of any (although i am not really up on blues music anyway). he did good. i was shocked that he ended up going home...but i think the judges were even more shocked. what nice things they had to say!

anyway, i think anything else i would say is kind of late...but seriously, what was up with paula's cha-cha's? i wanted someone to come up and rescue or resuscitate them!

has anyone seen the show on Mtv called "rock the cradle"? it's a bunch of stars' kids up there singing. stars like olivia newton john, dee schnider, bobbi brown, eddie money, etc. it wasn't bad, but they don't have the talent their parents' have. especially olivia newton john's daughter. she was/is a whiny and obnoxious cry-baby...and she can't sing! anyway, the show is's no "flavor of love" or "rock of love" or even "i love new york". yes, i have actually watched those shows. i have no shame. i enjoyed them...even though my hubby believes these types of shows are what's wrong with society today.

back to american idol...i was really disappointed in david cook's performance. i think it didn't worked at all. as for the whole hand didn't turn me on, but it didn't bother me too much either. i don't know, i guess i was just disappointed in his performance. i don't get the conceded vibe that simon talks about. maybe it's just me? i don't know.

anyway, i am looking forward to next week. i wonder what the theme will be for next week's performance? something good i hope!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

field trip mix up

grace is in kindergarten. her teacher has been teaching for, well, i think this is her second year. she's a nice girl...she just didn't realize what she was signing up for when she signed the kids up for a field trip to orscheln's. you see, she thought it was a farm...not a supply store. they do have chicks and ducklings and turk-eh well, what do you call baby turkeys...hang on whilst i google...poults. the field trip was only supposed to last a couple of hours...but how long can you keep 25 kindergartners focused on a couple of chicks, ducklings, and poults..oh wait they do sometimes have a couple of baby rabbits. but seriously, they won't be able to hold any of them, and let's face it, what fun is looking anyway? thankfully, a mom heard about the supply store field trip, and offered to let the kids all come to her house. they have chickens, chicks and cows. i actually just got off of the phone with grace's teacher because she was hoping i could bring the pig over there too. sure, what the heck! she needs to learn how to travel anyway. the other mom is hoping to get some sheep from across the street too. that should cover the bases when it comes to having animals from a farm...even if the pig lives in a house.

speaking of pigs, i started walking again. yesterday i was up before the crack of dawn (5:45) and walked a whole mile. yes i realize how pathetic that sounds. i am sore today. yes, i realize that sounds even more pathetic. my oldest said he wanted to get up and walk with me, but come time to get out of bed, he opted out. i'm kind of glad he didn't go...i would have felt like a complete fool, you know being exhausted after a measly mile, not to mention that i was doing lunges and swinging my arms like a fool too. i'm sure the 2 people that drove past me were thinking the same thing. did i mention i'm a little bit sore today? not terrible or anything, but i can feel it in my calves and my back. why my back? no clue. the one thing that isn't sore, that i was really worried about, are my feet. thank you Jesus, my feet are better! those surgeries actually worked! i can't tell you what a relief it is, knowing i won't have to crawl around on my hands and knees because i walked in the morning and my feet hurt so bad in the evening. so if you live in the greater st. louis area and are in need of a good podiatrist, let me know...

by the way, i didn't walk today...not because i was too lazy to get out of bed, but because it was pouring down rain. i have been walking around the house and doing some stretches. i am going to try to get some crunches done today too. i seriously don't want to be this big going into my thirties. i am trying to figure out a good challenge for myself. i told my husband i would like to lose as much weight as the pig gains...but he said 14 pounds a week is unhealthy. so now i have to think of another one. maybe just walking 5 days a week? i don't know.

i will try to get an american idol post together, i was going to yesterday, but ended up not really feelin' it dawg. too much sadness to think about paula's "boobage" (to quote a good friend).

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


please please please! there is a family in desperate need of some prayers!
jessica is a young wife and mother and has a rare form of cancer. after her recent bone marrow transplant, she hasn't progressed as they had hoped and has been told they are no longer fighting for a cure...but for time. please pray for a miracle for this family!

updates and a question

update on bacon bits (aka the pig).
she is gaining about 14 pounds a week. seriously, 14 pounds. she is growing so fast, i don't know if i will be able to pick her up much longer. yes i pick her up. i can't get her out of her cage if i don't. so try to imagine picking up a pig, roughly 60+ pounds, and squirming and throwing her feet and head. ok, if you are having a tough time visualizing that, try a toddler throwing a tantrum and trying to hold on to that toddler. not an easy feat my friends! good thing i have more than 11 years practicing for this period of my life.

a little more than 3 weeks and one of my families will be back. there are 4 kids, one of which is a brand new baby girl. i can't wait. she is so pretty! i miss the kids. my house is so quiet...i am so not used to quiet!

alex and haley start baseball/softball next week. haley finishes up basketball this weekend, and alex should be done with indoor soccer soon. grace starts t-ball next month. the hubby is her coach. he uses his day off for a day to have practice...unfortunately, the weather hasn't really cooperated the past 2 years. last year, and now this year, every tuesday is rain. rain rain rain! hopefully the kids will get atleast 2 practices in before they start their games. haley's team also has tuesday practices, but they also have practice on saturdays. alex's team has mondays...of course, they have had 2 practices and their first game is this monday. they decided to change the colors of alex's team shirts so we have to go buy new pants and socks for the kids. i haven't heard what color haley's team pants/shorts are supposed to be. (am i the only person who finds it crazy that girls wear shorts and not pants to play softball?)

ok, now down to my question. we live on a family street. this is great most of the time, and not so great some of the time. i have 2 nephews that are roughly the same age as alex. T lives next door to us and is 50 weeks younger than alex, J lives a couple of houses down and is about 4 months older than alex. T and alex are close friends...J and alex don't get along so well. i am not one of those moms that thinks her kids are perfect. they aren't. J's mom and dad think he is. (we have had some issues in the past i will not get into, but let's just say, if he comes over, i am watching him like a hawk.) anyway, alex has heard that J has been talking about him. i know he is hearing these things from his mom...i have people letting me know she has made the same comments. alex totally blew J off the other day when he came to our house and wanted to play. he said he doesn't want to have anything to do with someone who talks behind his back like that. i understand that, but...we are family.
i guess my question is (or are because i think this may be more than one question) what do i tell my boy? do i tell him to just ignore him? do i tell him to tell him how he feels? (like "i don't want to hang out with you because you talk about me behind my back") or do i just keep my mouth shut. i don't want my kid to feel like i'm not there for him, but i don't want to over-involve myself either.

please, any advice would be appreciated!

Monday, April 7, 2008

miracle monday

i'm not sure this would constitute a miracle to most people, but it was a Godsend to me!

i was 16 when a friend of mine (nike) introduced me to her ex-boyfriend that she thought would be perfect for me. they were still good friends...actually very close friends...and she thought that our personalities were similar. he was 19, and a really nice guy. so i said that i would meet him.

june of 1995
our first date was a disaster. he took me, and our friend (nike), and a couple more of his friends, to a party where i knew no one but nike. i am a pretty shy person to begin with, and i take forever to actually make friends, so being stuck in a place with around 60 people (out of which i knew 2) was not my idea of fun. then, to cap it all off, he took me home with 3 other people in his car. i didn't get any time to get to know this guy! it was my first real date ever, and it was horrible.

nike talked me into going out a second time. this time it was just us...the two of us. it was so much better. i actually got to know him. we had a pretty good time. we started seeing more of each other...and our relationship progressed pretty rapidly.

dec 1995
we had been seeing each other everyday. our relationship was pretty good, but i was looking forward to college in the fall, and wasn't sure we would be able to handle a long distance relationship. i noticed at christmas break, i hadn't had my period. it was unusual for me, i had always been pretty regular (down to the same time of day) but i had several friends that were always missing periods, so i just figured the same thing was happening to me. i was an "A" student, and i was going to college...nothing was going to happen to me.

jan 1996
by this time, i was really really worried. i still hadn't had my period, and when i laid on my belly, it felt like i was laying on a lump. i was scared to death. i took a pregnancy test and surprise surprise, it showed a positive. my boyfriend and i both cried. i was scared to death. my boyfriend was scared of what it would mean for me...missing out on college, missing out on all the possibilities that were out there for me. he was 20 by this time, and while he didn't have a great job, he wasn't still in school.
i told my mom (after the school nurse and a couple of teachers and several friends) and she made me go to a scholarship competition at the school i had been talking about going to. she wanted me to have an abortion and go on like nothing ever happened. she thought that if i saw the school, and met with people there, i would change my mind about it. there are very few things that i am sure about, and my feelings about abortion are one of them. had i let her talk me into it, i would have hated myself and her. i don't think she realized what she was doing. i won a $5000 scholarship, but turned it down because i was having a baby in august.
the rest of school seemed a bit surreal. i changed some of the classes i was planning on taking because taking a weight training class didn't seem to be a good idea...and i don't think the school would have allowed me to anyway. i had teachers that were very nice, and others that wouldn't talk to me or even look at me in the hall. it hurt. it hurt a lot. i had friends that stopped talking to me because of their feelings about my choice. it wasn't easy.
the only person that was totally there for me the entire time was my boyfriend. he only wanted me to be happy. he was scared but excited about us being parents. his parents weren't exactly thrilled with the way it was coming about, but they were already expecting their 7th grandchild, and ours would make number 8.

my dad was totally disappointed. he tried to cover, but it hurt him pretty bad. he expected me to go to college. now, i was in the same position that he and my mom had been in 18 years before. he and my boyfriend's parents asked us if we were planning on getting married. we hadn't really talked much about it. we had only been together for 6 or 7 months. i knew i didn't want to rush into it. after my parents' nasty divorce and the 4+ years since, i wasn't really rushing into any marriage, and i especially didn't want to mirror what they had done.

july 1996
on my 18th birthday, my boyfriend asked me to marry him. i was scared to death. i knew this was what i wanted, but i was still scared that he was only doing it because of our baby. i said yes.

august 1996
i started at the community college the day before my due date. a week and a half past my due date, our alex was born. he was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. my boyfriend, i mean my fiance, cried as he held our son. we had so much family and so many friends there, it was beautiful.

we were married in may of 1997.

why would i consider this a miracle? i know too many girls that never had the support i had. in fact, after our second child was born, i helped out by watching babies for teen moms. almost all of them had no dad to help...and if he was there, it wasn't a good situation. i found my calling. i didn't know that being a mom and a wife could be so fulfilling. i found a man that loved me through some really rough times, and helped me to reconnect with my dad, find God, and trust in His plan and His love. i have a husband that i know loves me, and would marry me again (as he did in april of 2001). my parents' divorce hurt me deeply, and changed me as a person. i found a man that helped me heal from that hurt...well, he continues to help me heal. i haven't gotten totally over my feelings, but i am working on it. he is there to help me calm down, and take things easy. he is my partner.

Friday, April 4, 2008

i'm not sure if i'm really excited about this one!

You Are a Colon
You are very orderly and fact driven.
You aren't concerned much with theories or dreams... only what's true or untrue.

You are brilliant and incredibly learned. Anything you know is well researched.
You like to make lists and sort through things step by step. You aren't subject to whim or emotions.

Your friends see you as a constant source of knowledge and advice.
(But they are a little sick of you being right all of the time!)

You excel in: Leadership positions

You get along best with: The Semi-Colon

Thursday, April 3, 2008

this is totally gross...but i had to tell someone!

the other day, my hubby came home and washed his hands in our hall bathroom. it was late (after 9pm) and all the kids were sleeping and i was pretty tired myself so i didn't move when he called me. he walked into the living room holding the towel that was in there. the towel that had been clean...but now had some scary looking brown stains on it.

please tell me one of the kids were cleaning their shoes with the towel!

"uh, no. do you want to smell it and guess what it is?" he asks.

ummmmm, no. just throw it away. please, i want to pretend that wasn't really sitting on the counter in the bathroom....and praying i didn't use it to dry my hands after those stains were "deposited".

can you believe no one has owned up to doing it yet?


i wish this strike would end! i have two families that have parents laid off because of it. i haven't seen one of "my" girls in over a month! she starts kindergarten this fall, and i won't be seeing her then. she's a good kid...very active, talkative, and helpful. her mom (she's laid off) is a really neat person. i like her a lot. the baby i started watching last week, well, her dad got laid off on friday. so who knows when i will get her again. i would have liked to have all my kiddos consistently, that way in the summer, it's not as huge of a transition. after all, i will be getting one of my families back in may (when mom goes back to work after the baby) and i was hoping to not have to try and juggle getting 2 babies used to the new environment at the same time. so basically my house is so quiet. i only have one or 2 kids during the day and maybe 2 or 5 in the afternoons. and the extra 3 are just because their mom is out of town for work this week. i don't know what to do with myself!

my mom started a new job last month. she is traveling 3 weeks out of the month. she gets to come home on the weekends. she really likes it. it's the perfect type of job for her. she is really excited about the people she works with. she says her bosses are tops in their field. so far she is just traveling in the US but it could be an international thing in a couple of months. if that happens, she will be gone for months at a time. i think she'd like that. i know she loves seeing the kids, but i think she likes being "independent" more. when she lived in chicago, we saw her 2 or 3 times a year. she came in town every 2 month or so. she just liked hanging out with her friends when she was down. most of the time, she didn't even tell us she was down here. not a big deal...except when she would say things about the kids not knowing her. she has been around a lot more since she's been back in MO. we were seeing her every friday for lunch for a while. the little guys know her now. the bigger kids love hanging out with her. so i think she knows she wants to keep that going. i'm really proud of her. she just has a high school diploma. her bosses were so excited to get her because they said she had great experience. she went from customer service at MCI to management at worldcom. she knew the jobs she was asking people to do. she was friends with lots of her bosses...and still is friends with them. they gave her great references. i'm glad she did such a great job that her bosses still know her name 5 years later. that says a lot about her work ethic.

the pig is still doing well. she's still friendly, and growing well. she's put on about 2 pounds a day. alex has even been giving her baths. so far so good!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

is there anyone who doesn't like dolly?

i love dolly parton! she is a great singer, and she seems so humble and down to earth. i love that american idol did a "dolly" night. i don't think that i have enjoyed any other theme night as much as i did last night.

the night started with...

brooke white was just ok last night. i think simon was right about her not showing emotion during the song. well, scratch that, she didn't show the right emotions. she looked like she was having a good time singing, even a little flirty(?). perhaps she didn't listen to the words she was singing? it's a song about begging a woman not to steal your man...and she's smiling during the song. she didn't have the pain and fear in her voice. it was just all wrong.

david cook was fantastic! i loved his version of "little sparrow". i had chills listening to it. it was just beautiful. (rachel, you missed out!) i understand he ended up in the hospital last night...get well david! and i am praying for your brother!

ramiele was not that great. i didn't like her song choice. i don't think she made the song fit her. there's not much else to say about it. i don't think she'll make it past tonight...if she does, she'll be gone next week.

jason castro was awesome! i loved it! he did "travelin' thru". the song fit him to a t. it was another "chills" moment. what can i say, i love the message...and the messenger isn't bad either!

carly was just ok for me dawg. seriously, i don't know why, but she doesn't set me afire. i know a lot of people that really like her (rachel, and my son alex) but i don't get her. maybe i just get distracted by all the tattoos...or perhaps the fact that she looks like my sister in law...i don't know. i just didn't care for her performance. (although the judges liked her performance...maybe not her wardrobe, but her performance.)

david archuletta sang "smoky mountain memories" i loved it. i had tears in my eyes. i really loved it. is it bad that it reminded me of john denver? not in the cliche' type of way, but his voice and the way he sings (that song especially) really made me think of john denver.

kristy lee did a decent job. she looked nice, and she sang pretty good. i love that particular song, and she did ok. i think it's a toss up between her and ramiele.

syesha sang "i will always love you". the beginning was beautiful. simple, and beautiful. then she tried to be whitney. the judges didn't like it much. she sounded good to me, but i liked it better when she did the more simple and beautiful way.

micheal johns was freakin' fantastic! he was so hot! i loved the blues-y way he sang. i could totally buy his cd. "it's all wrong, but it's all right" was the perfect song for him. i could see dancing to it in my living room. i loved loved loved it!
by the way, i totally loved it!

rachel, i have it on my dvr. you are more than welcome to drive up here and watch it. we could give you one of the kids' rooms for the night and you can spend the night. you totally need to watch it. i think it was the best night for almost all of the contestants.

by the way, my kids (mostly alex) have been teasing me because i said if i was 20 and not married and had no kids, i would have totally dated jason castro...dreds and all. but seeing as i am almost *gulp* 30, married and have 5's not something i need to worry about.

what can i say? the kid is adorable.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

what a fabulous day!

yeah, april fool's...on me. i spent today cold and shivering at recess duty today...oh and i brought 4 kids with me. one of these kids (my own of course) peed in his pants. oh the joys of volunteering! granted, zack is only 2, and has only been going on the potty for a few weeks, but COME ON! i mean, i'm stuck out on the playground (i was the only adult amidst the 60 or so kidlets), i can't just leave the 2nd thru 4th grades out there by themselves. then, since today is my hubby's day off, i have haley call him from the office to come and get the boy (or all the kids i brought up, i wasn't going to be picky)...twenty minutes later, i just left. i told the office i was leaving, my husband hadn't shown up yet, and i had been holding very wet pants for the last 20 minutes. they were very understanding, they usually are.

yesterday we had so much rain, the pond overflowed! we had record setting rainfall for the month of march. more than 8 inches! the creek overflowed it's banks (it usually does) and got close to covering the road, but was about 2 inches shy. it was almost 70 yesterday, today it is so very very cold. if we get much more rain anytime soon, it may end up covering the road.

my hubby is going to the cardinal's game tonight. my stepmom had a "procedure" done on her foot today, so she won't be able to go. she was there yesterday. he is usually pretty excited about going to the games, but he wasn't today. i guess it's just too cold and wet to enjoy. that and the fact he is going in to work today for a few hours before the game. they are going to teach him how to do financing. he'll be able to sell you the car and a warranty, and finance it too. he's excited about it. sort of.

i had a great sunday. we went out for dinner. hubby had gotten $250 in gift cards from a friend he helped to get a really good deal on a new car (from a dealership he didn't work for anymore) and the guy gave him all these gift cards, and wouldn't take no for an answer. (funny thing is, hubby ended up making more than the salesman did! it was a $75 mini deal for the sales guy)
i had chapel hour at 6pm, so they dropped me off. i got to spent a whole hour quietly with God. our chapel is a perpetual adoration chapel. there is someone there every hour of every day. you can drop off prayer requests, and people pray for who ever needs it. it is really awesome. you feel the power as soon as you walk in the room. i like to go and crochet. i know that may seem like something you shouldn't do, but i like to. i am usually making a baby blanket, and i like to pray for the baby that my blankets are going to. crocheting is like meditating to me. my hands do one thing, my mind is somewhere else. it was so good!