Wednesday, April 9, 2008

updates and a question

update on bacon bits (aka the pig).
she is gaining about 14 pounds a week. seriously, 14 pounds. she is growing so fast, i don't know if i will be able to pick her up much longer. yes i pick her up. i can't get her out of her cage if i don't. so try to imagine picking up a pig, roughly 60+ pounds, and squirming and throwing her feet and head. ok, if you are having a tough time visualizing that, try a toddler throwing a tantrum and trying to hold on to that toddler. not an easy feat my friends! good thing i have more than 11 years practicing for this period of my life.

a little more than 3 weeks and one of my families will be back. there are 4 kids, one of which is a brand new baby girl. i can't wait. she is so pretty! i miss the kids. my house is so quiet...i am so not used to quiet!

alex and haley start baseball/softball next week. haley finishes up basketball this weekend, and alex should be done with indoor soccer soon. grace starts t-ball next month. the hubby is her coach. he uses his day off for a day to have practice...unfortunately, the weather hasn't really cooperated the past 2 years. last year, and now this year, every tuesday is rain. rain rain rain! hopefully the kids will get atleast 2 practices in before they start their games. haley's team also has tuesday practices, but they also have practice on saturdays. alex's team has mondays...of course, they have had 2 practices and their first game is this monday. they decided to change the colors of alex's team shirts so we have to go buy new pants and socks for the kids. i haven't heard what color haley's team pants/shorts are supposed to be. (am i the only person who finds it crazy that girls wear shorts and not pants to play softball?)

ok, now down to my question. we live on a family street. this is great most of the time, and not so great some of the time. i have 2 nephews that are roughly the same age as alex. T lives next door to us and is 50 weeks younger than alex, J lives a couple of houses down and is about 4 months older than alex. T and alex are close friends...J and alex don't get along so well. i am not one of those moms that thinks her kids are perfect. they aren't. J's mom and dad think he is. (we have had some issues in the past i will not get into, but let's just say, if he comes over, i am watching him like a hawk.) anyway, alex has heard that J has been talking about him. i know he is hearing these things from his mom...i have people letting me know she has made the same comments. alex totally blew J off the other day when he came to our house and wanted to play. he said he doesn't want to have anything to do with someone who talks behind his back like that. i understand that, but...we are family.
i guess my question is (or are because i think this may be more than one question) what do i tell my boy? do i tell him to just ignore him? do i tell him to tell him how he feels? (like "i don't want to hang out with you because you talk about me behind my back") or do i just keep my mouth shut. i don't want my kid to feel like i'm not there for him, but i don't want to over-involve myself either.

please, any advice would be appreciated!

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