Monday, April 21, 2008

miracle monday

first off, i would like to thank everyone who has prayed for jessica and her family. if you would like to see the impact it has had, please go to her caring bridge site.
read her last journal entry...

as for the miracle...
my hubby is the sixth of seven children. the oldest five were born in a five and a half year spread (yes, my mother in law is a saint) and my husband was born nine years after the fifth, and five years later his younger brother came along. this is just some background info on his family, so you can see where my sister in law was coming from.

my husband's oldest sister is the most maternal woman i have ever met. she was born to be a mom. she helped to raise my husband and his younger brother. she couldn't wait to be a mom. she and her husband started trying for a family when she was in her late twenties. a year went by, no pregnancy. she started seeing doctors. they couldn't find anything wrong with her. they put her on fertility drugs and hormones, still no pregnancy. she was miserable. her husband was miserable. they wanted a child so badly.
they had been trying for 3 or 4 years when everyone found out about that i was pregnant. it tore my poor sister in law up, knowing that she had been trying so hard for so long, and here we were trying not to and get a baby. it was so hard on everyone.
she went to a new doctor after our son was born. low and behold, he found a tumor the size of a softball in her uterus. her womb was the size it should be if she was three or four months pregnant. all of the medications she had been taking, had worked, but with the tumor there, she miscarried each pregnancy before she missed her period. she never even knew she had been pregnant. they removed the tumor in november, she was pregnant in december, and our nephew was born in august, two weeks before my oldest child's first birthday!
my nephew is my oldest's best friend. he's a great kid, smart, funny, friendly and helpful. he's also stubborn, and has a bit of a wild streak. he has enriched our lives.

for more miracles check out beth's blog
please keep praying for jessica and her family! it's making a difference!


Beth said...

What a wonderful miracle! It is always a beautiful thing when someone who wants a baby so badly is finally able to conceive.

I think Jessica's improvement is also a miracle!

Thanks for sharing two examples of God's healing love with us today!

Denise said...

Jessica's improvement is so awesome. Praise God for precious babies.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Mondern day miracles, my favorite. Brilliant doctors who help us along. God is so good.

Kim said...

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