Wednesday, April 16, 2008

american idol...

i actually watched the show last night...of course it was 10pm. i was shocked that they had mariah carey (any relation to drew?) mentoring these guys. but then again, i had forgotten how many of her songs i really liked and knew. i think the only one i didn't know was the first one...the one david a sang. he did a good job. making a woman's song fit a man is not easy...or atleast i wouldn't think it would be, but the guys made it sound like these songs were made for them.

david a.- i like him. he has a great voice, but it's a little to "contemporary" (to quote my hubby) for us. i don't see us running out to buy his CD, but if it came on the radio, i probably wouldn't turn it off. he did a good job with the song.

carly- i know there are huge fans out there for her (rachel) and i just don't get it. she's good, don't get me wrong, but she just doesn't seem original to me. i don't want to say she wasn't powerful enough, but something was missing. maybe it was her tats. by the way, does anyone know the original singer? hubby says it was a country singer. i have no clue.

syesha- seriously? people don't know the song "vanishing"? i loved that song. of course i think it came out around the time my parents split up, we moved and i felt like my life as i knew it was vanishing. i think she did a great job. as for the "picking a song no one knows" comment...hey there, this someone knows it and really likes it!
* rachel, i think your comments have made it to some of the contestants...i have not seen as much back-sass from them tonight

brooke- i thought that this would be a great song for her. i was wrong. it was boring. i wish she would have changed it up some. i do love her hair curly. not much else to say. i do love her, she's got something, i just wish she would show a little more emotion in her singing...

KLC- i like this song. i can't say i cared much for her performance. she was ok, but will someone please RIP OFF THOSE FAKE EYELASHES!!! she is such a cute girl in her interviews, and then she slaps those things on her eyes, and totally ruins her look.

cook- ok, can i just say i was looking forward to his performance more than any others? he makes every song "fit" him. i never would have listened to it on the radio and thought mariah carey. he totally rocked the song and stole the show...
was that his brother in the audience?

jason- ok, following cook is tough. that's got to be the worst spot in the line up. when they showed him sitting there waiting his turn after cook's could see in his face "crap, i know i'm not going to even come close to that". he did really good though. he picked the perfect song for him. he changed it to fit his style, and he did great with it. i think he did better than davey.

recap: i forgot i liked a lot of MC's songs. guys stole the show. if i had to pick who would go home, it would be KLC or carly...maybe brooke. i miss mike johns. i would have loved to have seen him make a blues song out of one of her songs. he would have done a great job.

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