Wednesday, April 2, 2008

is there anyone who doesn't like dolly?

i love dolly parton! she is a great singer, and she seems so humble and down to earth. i love that american idol did a "dolly" night. i don't think that i have enjoyed any other theme night as much as i did last night.

the night started with...

brooke white was just ok last night. i think simon was right about her not showing emotion during the song. well, scratch that, she didn't show the right emotions. she looked like she was having a good time singing, even a little flirty(?). perhaps she didn't listen to the words she was singing? it's a song about begging a woman not to steal your man...and she's smiling during the song. she didn't have the pain and fear in her voice. it was just all wrong.

david cook was fantastic! i loved his version of "little sparrow". i had chills listening to it. it was just beautiful. (rachel, you missed out!) i understand he ended up in the hospital last night...get well david! and i am praying for your brother!

ramiele was not that great. i didn't like her song choice. i don't think she made the song fit her. there's not much else to say about it. i don't think she'll make it past tonight...if she does, she'll be gone next week.

jason castro was awesome! i loved it! he did "travelin' thru". the song fit him to a t. it was another "chills" moment. what can i say, i love the message...and the messenger isn't bad either!

carly was just ok for me dawg. seriously, i don't know why, but she doesn't set me afire. i know a lot of people that really like her (rachel, and my son alex) but i don't get her. maybe i just get distracted by all the tattoos...or perhaps the fact that she looks like my sister in law...i don't know. i just didn't care for her performance. (although the judges liked her performance...maybe not her wardrobe, but her performance.)

david archuletta sang "smoky mountain memories" i loved it. i had tears in my eyes. i really loved it. is it bad that it reminded me of john denver? not in the cliche' type of way, but his voice and the way he sings (that song especially) really made me think of john denver.

kristy lee did a decent job. she looked nice, and she sang pretty good. i love that particular song, and she did ok. i think it's a toss up between her and ramiele.

syesha sang "i will always love you". the beginning was beautiful. simple, and beautiful. then she tried to be whitney. the judges didn't like it much. she sounded good to me, but i liked it better when she did the more simple and beautiful way.

micheal johns was freakin' fantastic! he was so hot! i loved the blues-y way he sang. i could totally buy his cd. "it's all wrong, but it's all right" was the perfect song for him. i could see dancing to it in my living room. i loved loved loved it!
by the way, i totally loved it!

rachel, i have it on my dvr. you are more than welcome to drive up here and watch it. we could give you one of the kids' rooms for the night and you can spend the night. you totally need to watch it. i think it was the best night for almost all of the contestants.

by the way, my kids (mostly alex) have been teasing me because i said if i was 20 and not married and had no kids, i would have totally dated jason castro...dreds and all. but seeing as i am almost *gulp* 30, married and have 5's not something i need to worry about.

what can i say? the kid is adorable.

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I'm so glad you did the AI post tonight.

I had it on my dvr too, so I was able to watch it today, the sound came back.

you're so cute!