Wednesday, April 30, 2008

american idol....

i apologize for falling asleep last night while i watched the show. i can't say what the cause was for sure, but it could have either been the fact i have been watching 2 babies this week, or the performances. i watched them again today, and i'm leaning a bit more toward the performances.

jason- uh, why? that's the second week in a row that i just want my question answered. are you trying to lose? do you have *gulp* someone waiting for you at home? why are you trying to lose?

brooke- well, same question as above. are you trying to lose? is it that much pressure, or are you just wanting to go home to your hubby? i can't understand how you could be sooooo good, and yet fall apart so quickly!

davey- well, yours was the performance that put me to sleep. i am starting to think that you need to go home, and spend some quality time with your radio. that was boring with a capital B.

david c- bravo! need i say more? just give him the title and lets be done.

syesha- good first song, second song was much better. i hope you get to stick around a little longer.

i am hopefully going to get around to a non american idol post tonight. i have to take the oldest to get a haircut. his suggestion, not mine. (this is a huge improvement!)

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

yeah, snoozola, huh?

And, I haven't gotten around to a non-idol post lately either. How sad.

Hope the haircut went well.

Have I mentioned that you need to start uploading pictures to your entries?