Friday, April 11, 2008

better late than never!

ok, today is friday, and i've yet to give my american idol opinions. i guess it's kinda late to say what i thought about each one...but i will anyway!

michael johns was pretty good. i really liked him doing the blues-y type music, but really, how many "inspirational" blues songs do you know? i can't really think of any (although i am not really up on blues music anyway). he did good. i was shocked that he ended up going home...but i think the judges were even more shocked. what nice things they had to say!

anyway, i think anything else i would say is kind of late...but seriously, what was up with paula's cha-cha's? i wanted someone to come up and rescue or resuscitate them!

has anyone seen the show on Mtv called "rock the cradle"? it's a bunch of stars' kids up there singing. stars like olivia newton john, dee schnider, bobbi brown, eddie money, etc. it wasn't bad, but they don't have the talent their parents' have. especially olivia newton john's daughter. she was/is a whiny and obnoxious cry-baby...and she can't sing! anyway, the show is's no "flavor of love" or "rock of love" or even "i love new york". yes, i have actually watched those shows. i have no shame. i enjoyed them...even though my hubby believes these types of shows are what's wrong with society today.

back to american idol...i was really disappointed in david cook's performance. i think it didn't worked at all. as for the whole hand didn't turn me on, but it didn't bother me too much either. i don't know, i guess i was just disappointed in his performance. i don't get the conceded vibe that simon talks about. maybe it's just me? i don't know.

anyway, i am looking forward to next week. i wonder what the theme will be for next week's performance? something good i hope!

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