Wednesday, May 14, 2008

works for me wednesday

i actually thought of something that works for me! no laughing, i know it's only taken me months of racking my brain to come up with something...and in all fairness, it has only recently started working for there!

towels. i have five kids. five kids that constantly fight over what towel belongs to who, and someone used their towel, and who took my towel!

so what did i do? for a while, i just yelled....then i just stopped listening...finally i actually did something.

i bought more towels.

not just any towels, my friends. each child has their own color. my oldest has red, cardinal red (like his room), my second oldest has yellow...perhaps not her favorite color, but it matches her room. my middle child has a pink towel (to match her room) and also a hannah montana towel (because it was like $3). my two little guys were a little tougher. they share a room. the youngest decided his fav'it color is gween, and joshy's is bwue. problem solved. now josh has a blue towel and a cars towel, and the youngest has a gween towel and a spider-man towel.

everyone knows which towel is theirs. they can keep track of them, the older ones wash their own towels, and they hang them up on the hooks. why do they do all of this? well, now mom can tell for sure which towel belongs to which kid. it makes yelling at the right child much easier! bonus!

i hope this helps someone!


From author and columnist, Stephenie Freeman: said...

Great idea. I did the same thing with my boys--one have a spider man towel, the other a bat man towel.

View From the Kitchen said...

brilliant, my dear, brilliant!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Hey - that last comment was actually from me. I was working on my friend, Lynette's, website and was logged in as her when I posted that comment.