Wednesday, May 7, 2008

what doesn't work for me...

this is my very first time posting and linking to "works for me wednesday". why is that? well, i haven't found anything that really works for me.

birth-control pills/shots. i found that the hormones made me nuts. i didn't like the person i was (paranoid and mean) so i stopped taking them. i don't regret it in the least.

having a set dinner time. i babysit and some of the kids don't get picked up until close to 6pm. i have 3 kids playing sports right now (4 in the fall) plus other activities, and having a set dinner time just isn't something i can do. i tried really hard, but when i was making 4 trips in one afternoon (not counting school pickup) and trying to fix a real meal too, it just doesn't work. so i still fix dinner, but we may be eating late one night, and early the next.

doing laundry for everyone. i quit. i have 5 kids. they have their bedrooms upstairs. my bedroom is downstairs, as is my laundry room. my kids will not bring me their clothes unless they have every stitch of clothing they own dirty, and then they bring it down at 9pm and expect it all done by morning. so i quit. my older 2 are responsible for their own laundry. if they don't wash it, it doesn't get clean. i am done. my middle child has to bring me her clothes in the morning, and the younger two i help (they are 4 and 2).

believe me, this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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Andrea said...

I hear ya! The laundry mound is a never ending problem--especially when they mix the dirty with clean and I see "strangely familiar" clothes the next wash--never worn. Arghh!

I like the do their own concept. I think that will be taking place in our house this year-for the two oldest at least.