Monday, May 12, 2008

my mother's day

this was the front of my mother's day card. the one my kids picked out for me. (this is a zero gravity card from andrews mcmeel pub. llc) inside it says "see, there are things more frightening than having me as your kid". what my boys don't understand is...this picture could be them in a couple of years...WHO'S LAUGHIN' NOW!
anyway, i had the best mother's day ever. i mean it, this was, by far, the best one. i don't think they will ever be able to outdo themselves. first off, with this wonderful card, there was also candy...several pounds of candy, and by several, i mean 5 pounds of hershey kisses and reese's peanut butter cups. yes, i know i am lucky to have kids that love me so...but that wasn't all, there were 2 books by one of my favorite authors. i love my kids.
but that wasn't the best part. no, no, not by a long shot. on sunday morning, the kids let me sleep until 9:30. i woke up to breakfast in bed. not just any breakfast, but banana pancakes with strawberries on top, fried eggs, and a cold glass of milk. oh yeah, my kids love me. alex did most of the work, but all of the kids helped. they watched me eat every bite and loved every compliment (it really was good!). they gave me the presents they had made at school, and let me tell you, i have the most talented kids ever! then alex made his brothers and sisters pancakes and eggs, and i didn't even have to ask him. i am so very lucky!
they did leave me the mess, but that's ok. i can deal with that. everyone got along pretty well, i even got to take a nap (couple of hours long) and i woke up to kids. i was covered in children. they had decided to sneak in and take a nap with me. so the youngest 3 and i took a nice long nap and woke up in time to go do family stuff.
the very best mother's day ever.


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Holy cow, woman! What a great day! I think I gained weight just reading this! Thanks!

kate5kiwis said...

oh that's absolutely *gorgeous!*
uh, the day, not the card lol X

Andrea said...

Hi Amy!

I'm glad that you posted because I had forgotten the name of your blog and have many bookmarked...and get distracted when I cruise through them. I really need to "clean house" on the bookmarked blogs.

What a great day that you had! Any mom of five deserves that royal treatment. Thanks for the support. I am just having a rough several weeks. You made an excellent point that I had not considered before--the comments are nice, somewhat, but I do feel the pressure. I just never thought of it. I hate to parent in public, especially when people are watching you more intently (I feel) because you are managing many. Thanks for opening my eyes :)