Friday, May 9, 2008

so sorry i have neglected you all!

yes, all 5 visits i get (and that's me 3 or 4 of those visits!) i have been a bit worn out and i haven't found time to blog much. i have been pretty exhausted this week. i'm not exactly sure why it's hitting me more now, but it has. i was trying to describe how tired i felt to my husband this morning...
me: you know when you were a teenager, and you'd go to school on friday, then work like 6 hours after school, then go out and stay out 'til the wee hours of the morning, then get up at 6am and work another 8 to 10 hours, then go out again 'til the wee hours again, and wake up at 6am again, go to work another 8 to 10 hours, then finish your homework and that's how tired i feel right now.

hubby: i think you are being a little dramatic babe.

ok, maybe i'm reaching, but only a tad. i don't know why this week has kicked my butt, i wish i did.

this little piggy is now one of the little guys' favorite things to do! they love to stick their dirty, muddy, stinky piggies in my face and ask me "how's this one go?". it is so very cute. i don't remember any of the other kids liking that so much. they even do it to themselves.

my hubby came home last night and went straight to the computer (a little strange). i was holding one of my little guys and trying to get him to sleep. he tells me he has something to show me, i had to come over right away. (a little stranger) i put down my lil' guy and come to the computer. he is looking at this website (don't worry, it's not porn...i wouldn't have been as surprised if it had been)

hang on a sec, my oldest just made me a mint chocolate chip milkshake. mmmmmmmm!!!!

ok, thanks for waiting!

go ahead and click on that link. i promise, it's not porn. it's chicken coops. has anyone seen my hubby? i don't know who this man is (i think i may keep him though), or what he's done with the man i married, but he can't fool me!
anyway, he wanted me to see this site because they are looking for dealers or "trading partners" as they put it, in the good ole U. S. of A. he said that he's been told that if you find something you enjoy, that's the best thing to try to make a living at. so he thought of me. how sweet. but i still want to be a massage therapist.

ok, i was saving the best for last. rachel, you will definitely be proud of me for this! a friend of mine (jen, but not the nurse or the vet) called me yesterday about a great deal on general mills cereal at schnucks (a local supermarket). basically, the cereal was on sale 5 for $10. in the isle there were $.75 off of every 2 boxes. at the check out, it prints out a $2 off general mills cereal coupon, and also 3/ $3 off your next purchase coupons. so i bought 6 boxes every time, the first time was right at $10 (i'm not sure, because i bought ice cream too). the next time i went through, i had just the 6 boxes, and all the coupons, and i spent a whopping $1.04. FOR 6 BOXES OF CEREAL, that is insane!!! so i went through a few times, and came home with tons of cereal.
oh yeah, i forgot about the fact that you get 2 free movie passes printed off at the register too. each time! i mean, how cool is that!?! so for less than $25 i brought home 4 (56 oz)packages of ice cream, and 20 boxes of cereal. not bad...not bad at all!

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

First off, I HATE being that tired. You need a nap with nobody around, chick!

Speaking of chicks...that is pretty cool. Your hubby is so sweet. Sounds like he is searching for the perfect mother's day gift for you? Hmmmm???

Mint Chocolate Chip milkshake? Um YUM!!!!

And I got your email about the deal on the cereal. That ROCKS, girl!! I AM so proud of you. I just don't have a Schnucks around here, otherwise, I'd be all over that!!!