Friday, May 16, 2008

the last visit of the year...

today is my last friday lunch with my grandma of the school year. my grandma lives pretty close, and so on fridays, we go and visit her after i get one of the kids off the bus. it's pretty nice. we meet up with my mom, my sister and my niece, and eat lunch and visit while the kids play. all the kids look forward to it. they love going there because grandma always has cookies for them. she is the ultimate hostess. my grandpa likes seeing us too, he loves my boys. he calls josh his little linebacker. i only get to go there during the school year. otherwise i have too many big kids and there isn't much for them to do there. so, until next school year, i will be missing out on grandma's hot ham and cheeses. darn it!

my nephew graduated from high school yesterday. his party is this saturday. it is amazing how far he has come since his accident this past december. he is walking just fine now. he is still brilliant, and his personality is the same or better than before. i hope he remembers how lucky he is to be alive...and holds on to that. i'm trying to decide what to bring for his party. do i bring brownies, or pot-luck potatoes? i don't want to make my twice baked potatoe casserole. it takes too much time, and my mother in law is already making potato salad (blech!)

i am getting my hair cut this wednesday. i am getting it all cut off. i like being able to put it in a ponytail, but i also hate having to put it in one every day. i'm not getting it colored though. i used to always get it highlighted, but i want to try it natural. i don't think i've had my natural color in 10+ years.
ok enough boring hair talk.

my garden is looking ok. one of my lettuce plants, and one of my tomato plants died. somehow they were broken off. the kids swear they didn't do it. i hope it does well. the plants i've been growing in the garage are doing pretty good. i need to get them out in the garden too. it's just been so darn cool. i am a little afraid to put them out there yet. i need to get some straw. i mulch with straw to help hold the moisture in the soil. it works pretty well. it also helps with weed control.

this sunday, we are having my mom, grandma and grandpa over for dinner. i didn't get to see them on mother's day, so we are having our own little dinner for them. i need to figure out what i want to do for them. i was wanting to do some pictures for them, but i haven't had the time (or camera) to do it. i want to get a collage frame and fill it with pics of my kiddos. they are so freakin' cute. i really want to get a picture of alex with his pig, too. how cute would that be!?

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