Monday, May 12, 2008

miracle monday

sorry about missing last week! this post has been on my mind for a few weeks now, but i wasn't sure about how to post this. here it goes.

my niece celebrated her first communion a couple of weeks ago. her class is a great class...nice kids, nice parents...but it is a very special class. you see, there are 28 kids in this class. there are about 210 kids in our entire school (that's pre-k through 8th grade). out of the 28 kids, 3 have lost a parent to cancer. out of the 28 kids, one child has had cancer...twice. there is also another child with a major illness.
this could be a class of tragedy, but it isn't. this could be a class of sadness and loss. it isn't. these kids, and their parents have come together as a small community. they have supported each other, they have banded together. when the little girl with cancer had a relapse, the parents of this class had a fundraiser and raised over $30,000 in one night!
i think the best thing about this class is...they are still kids. they aren't little adults dealing with issues that are hard for adults to deal with. they are kids, and they continue to be kids. they are truly inspirational to see.


Beth said...

It is always so hard when kids have to deal with such grown up issues. It sounds like this group of children is doing it with such grace. What an inspiration! The Lord must have great things planned for them!

Congratulations to your niece on her first communion! What a big milestone!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

That is awful and awesome all at the same time! You are full of miracle stories, aren't you!? :-)

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing this, so inspiring.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I think it's even a miracle how these kids are placed in this school together. This unspoken and I am sure at times very spoken understanding with one another.