Friday, May 2, 2008

coming to my house

this week, i have had strangers at my door twice.
the first time didn't really bother me. it was two nice, older ladies that were Jehovah Witnesses. i am totally being honest in saying that it doesn't bother me when people come to my door spreading the Word. i am catholic, and i don't plan on changing that, but they are nice people and i am not going to be rude to them. i think it takes a lot of courage to go to people's doors to try to spread your faith. i don't know any catholics that do it. i know baptists do because my sister had them visit her several times. they've never come to my door. i've had young mormon men visit us when i was younger. it must have been after alex was born, otherwise i would be burning in the H E double hockey sticks right now. see, back in the day, i would have seen a young man coming to my door to spread the "Word" as a challenge...(awkward little temptress that i was).
i'm sorry, where was i?
oh yeah, people spreading their faith just doesn't bother me. i don't understand why it bothers others.

what does bother me is people that are trying to sell you something...well, not even just trying to sell it to you, but guilt you into buying it. i had a young man show up at my door (this is as parents are coming to pic up their kids, mind you) trying to sell me magazine subscriptions. i don't have time to go to the bathroom most days, let alone read a flippin' magazine, so i told him i wasn't interested. did he leave? no. he told me some hard luck story about how he's trying to stay out of trouble, and move up in his career, and help other underprivileged kids like himself do the same kind of job. you know what? i had the same kind of "job" when i was 14. the only difference was it was candy and nuts we sold door to door. we were given lines to tell people to get them to buy from us. "we are selling these *whatever* to keep us on the right track and out of trouble". the same freakin' lines he's telling me! sorry pal, i know the deal. i hope he gains some self respect soon and gets a real job. i did that job one day. one day was all it took for me to decide i didn't want to humiliate myself for some stupid job.

ok, i think i will leave you on a light note...
josh was playing with my mouth, you know, making it look like i was talking but he was saying stuff. so he's moving my mouth and singing "my mom is stinky, stinky mom has hair in her nose nose nose". nice. i do so love kids, i wish i had 10 more just like him!

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