Thursday, May 15, 2008

i am a tad disappointed

why? well, let's see...rachel has quit (was it because i made you start too early? I'm sorry! see...i really am, i even capitalized!) giving her american idol critique. i really do enjoy hearing-uh, i mean reading- it.
i hope paula doesn't get the old "heave ho". i mean, what else is there to talk about? performances? ha....
what the heck was up with fantasia's song/outfit/dancing? pick one. they all were weird. is she sharing paula's cup? i mean, seriously...what the heck? i did love simon's expression though. i think we were thinking the same thing.
i am really sorry syesha went home. i liked her. she was beautiful, had a great voice, and a great personality. i mean come on people...they were giving her babies in her home town! i was really hoping archy was going home. he seems like a nice kid. i think he could do well with contemporary christian music. i don't personally listen to that type of music, but i really see him doing well with it. (boo? what was up with that song choice? i would have been more believable!)
while we are discussing i the only person that remembers his mom being some blonde white lady? was i totally mistaken? did i just pick some lady out of the crowd and for some reason think she was his mom? i don't know? i do make mistakes like it is totally possible. do you think his dad looks at his son and sees a son to be proud of or $$$? not a fair question, don't answer that! unless you want to.
cook, i loved the props you gave to your old music teacher! that was truly beautiful! one the ford video, you were the only one surrounded by the ford cars in your that because ford wants you to win? are they expecting you to win the hearts of america? i hope so!
so sorry syesha! i was hoping it would be you and cook next week. instead it's the "battle of the davids".

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

you are so funny. I don't know why I'm so burned out. I think it's really mainly because our laptop doesn't work and I don't like writing it all out by hand and then putting it in my blog.

I'm lazy.

Fantasia. Stinks.