Saturday, March 1, 2008

what's going on...

today i saw a guy i used to work with as a teenager. jabari went to a neighboring high school. he and i are the same age. he is like 6 foot 4, and funny. he could make a crappy day turn into a riot. he was also hard working. he taught me how to make biscuts (we worked at hardee's) and how to work the "back line" after i made the jump from front line to back line. (that's fastfood speak for cashier to food maker) i loved working there. the guys were all fun. the girls never stayed long though. i think i may have been the only girl that worked there from the beginning to mid "96.
there were a few guys there that may have had a thing for me. only one i ever had a crush on. but i am a firm believer in the old saying "you don't poop where you eat".
the only problem i ever had...and this is why i quit working in the front...was men who would say inappropriate things to me. one example (and the last straw) was i was working the front line in the middle of a lunch rush. there were about 4 other girls/women working it with me. we were bagging and taking orders, and the place was packed. all of a sudden, i hear "hey blondie". well, there are like 2 other blonds (besides me) so i figure he's talking to someone else. "no, not you her." one of the girls taps me on my shoulder, and i turn around. "you have a nice ass". i am pretty sure i turned 8 shades of red. you see i was pregnant with my oldest at this time. i was mad. i stormed off the line towards the back yelling "i am not going back up there with a$$holes like that!" i know, i know, very unprofessional of me. but i was a 17 year old pregnant girl, and very hormonal. i think i even started to cry. one of the boys i worked with ( his name was jason, he went to school with us, short, shaved head, sister named casey that died) saw me crying and cheered me up. (something along the line of "i'll go kick his a$$ if you want me to")
i didn't realize i would be using such crude language in this post. sorry if i offend, but it is true to what i was like (and maybe still am a little).
anyway, jabari was so very funny. he was also a really great guy. hopefully i will see him again soon!

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