Thursday, March 6, 2008

American Idol

uh rachel, where are you? i have been waiting and watching for your american idol insights...only to be disappointed day after day. i guess i will have to give my thoughts on the matter...and wait for yours.
ok, i think the girls last night were awesome! well, except for kady malloy. i haven't really cared for her. i don't know why exactly, though i think it has mostly been the song choices she's made. she has a great voice. she also reminds me of my niece morgan...cute personality.
my absolute faves are amanda overmyer, asia'h epperson, brooke white, kristy lee cook, and syesha mercado. i know that's only 5, but these are seriously my favorite girls. i would by a cd today from amanda. that girl has a great voice. reminds me a little of janis joplin. i still love listenin' to janis. i like asia'h, and not just because she's from my state, or because of her tragic story. she has a great bubbly personality. a joy in her that shines thru. brooke is sweetness thru and thru. i don't think sugar would melt in her mouth! kristy lee is beautiful. i think if she made some better song choices (like last night) she could go far! syesha is a great singer too. and she's adorable!
as for kady, carly, and ramiele...well, i don't know why, but i just don't feel it for them. not that they don't have great voices, they all do. i just don't get some of the songs, and i don't have that emotional connection.

now on to the guys...daniel noriega gets on my nerves. i'm not sure what it is about him, i just can't stand him. i think it's the attitude, and the mannerisms, and the facial expressions. ok maybe it's everything but his voice. he has a great voice. he just seems like a diva. he also looks like one of my nieces...and she has some of the same facial expressions, but they are cute on her for some reason.
as for my favorite guys, they are david archuleta, david cook, jason castro, luke menard, and micheal johns. ok, david archuleta, does anyone not like this kid? great voice, great personality, great attitude. i would love to have this kid as a son. he is freakin' adorable. david cook, my other favorite rocker. i loved his rock version of a lionel richie song. totally inspired! jason castro is beautiful. he has that softness that made his last song really stand out. ok, his gorgeous eyes help him too. luke menard...uh, does he sing? i kind of forget everything but his hotness. (and he's actually old enough for me to say this without feeling like some perv!) micheal johns, he makes me nostalgic for my good ole days of listening to the doors. ok, ok, i don't really remember much of those days, they are kind of hazy. he could definitely go far!
i am sorry chikezie, daniel, and david hernandez. we just didn't make that connection. i don't know why (ok, i know why i don't like daniel and outlined it in the above paragraph) but i just don't like you guys. i couldn't even pick one of you to move on to the final 12. i really don't care which one of the 3 makes it. ok, that's a lie, i don't care as long as it isn't daniel. chikezie hasn't picked out songs that i want to listen to, and i don't think he has sung them very well. david hernandez is having a hard time with the song choices too. (the reasons i don't like him have nothing to do with him being a stripper at a gentleman's club) he seems like he just doesn't have the stage presence others have.

ok rachel, your turn.

and anyone else who wants to put in their opinions too!


The Other Huse said...

oh girl...It's ON! We agree on some, but not all. This is fun!

naida said...

my favorite girl is the Irish one, I forget her name now. Dark hair, Irish accent, tatoos.

My fav guy is David Archuleta, I think he's great.

checkezie needs to go, he gets on my nerves :P

Andrea said...

I'm soooo glad that Daniel N is gooone. The attitude and femenine behavior was a bit much. I like most of the ones left, there are still a few who (can't remember names!?!) who are failing to impress. The two David's and John...tough call for which is better. That is my two cents :)
BTW-I linked from Kadi's blog. I saw you are a mother of 5-me too. I always wonder who else would be so crazy :) I see I am the "Kaiserslautern feed"-very neat!