Friday, March 28, 2008

the expanding zoo

what house is a home without a pig!? not ours, at least not now. that's right everyone, we now have a little piglet. she's about 45 lbs of squealing fun! and in our basement no less! yes, your eyes are not deceiving you...this 45lb pig is in our basement. we thought the box we built for the dog and puppies would be perfect for her. we did not take into account the fact that pigs can jump. and they can jump pretty high. i have had to catch her 3 times in the hour i have been home. let me tell you, pigs don't really like to be picked up and put back in the box. she is now in the dog crate we brought her home in. she stands about 18 inches tall, this box is at least 24 to 30 inches tall, and she is jumping over the sides. i watched her. i was pretty amazed. i thought pigs were supposed to just eat, sleep, and poop. you know, like a newborn. oh no, i was misinformed! she is very active. she is also very curious. ok, let me describe her...she is small, she is black with white on her belly and feet, and she is adorable. she really is.
we are trying to come up with a name for her. i think i might put up a poll about what to name her. i won't promise we will use the one selected when talking directly to her, but i will use it when talking about our piggy adventures.

i had better get back to the kids and pig. i don't want any of them escaping!


Feagans Family said...

we need some photos of this little cutie!

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

um yeah, good luck, took me like a YEAR to get Amy to put a freakin' family photo up. It'll be 2010 before she gets photos up of Bacon Bits/charlotte.

Yeah, I can't vote because I can't decide. I think Bacon Bits is HILARIOUS, but I think Charlotte is easier to say when calling him. Do you "call" a pig? I mean, my uncle had a pig farm and called "sooooouuuiiieeee." Is it the same with just one?

bauer zoo said...

i will try to get a pic of her up, but since jeff lost the power cord to the camera, it makes it a wee bit harder to get pictures. so far, alex calls her bebe (like off of south i don't allow him to watch it!) and, while i think it is the dumbest name ever, it is his pig, so he can call it what he wants to. but when i call her, i just say "here pig, heeeere piggy".