Wednesday, March 26, 2008

american idol

ok, i guess i may have cheated a little by reading rachel's blog first, but she had most of the same comments i had. i, of course, am in need of a blogging for dummies book and will not add a bunch of pics like she does. last time i tried i had to have rachel fix my blog because it was all messed up!

so here we go...

ramiele: she was soooo off it was sad. and to say you are sick seems like a cop out because when she was talking she sounded completely fine. if you're going to say you're sick, at least sound hoarse when you talk to the judges. it plays on the audience's sympathy more. can i just say, this song is one of my favorites. i sing along to it (and did last night) and i sounded awful. i know this because i had a 4 year old's hand over my mouth most of the time.

jason castro: i love this kid. he was a beautiful child, and if i wasn't married and waaaayyy to old for him.....i could get myself in a lot of trouble, i will just be quiet now. anyway, i like him. the songs he has picked haven't blown me away (except for hallelujah) but i still like the kid.
on a more bizarre note, last week someone found my blog by google-ing "are jason castro and ramiele a couple". as sad as that makes me, i could see it. they seem like they have similar personalities.

sYESha: she has a great powerful voice. my hubby can't stand whitney houston, and thinks this chick is as good or better. me, i like whit, but i think this girl could be better. i think she is absolutely beautiful too. she has a dazzling smile. ok, i think that she could be in it for the long haul if she could connect with the audience more. i don't know why, but she doesn't have that "spark" some of the others have.

chikezie: i didn't like the song choice, or maybe it's just the arrangement. i was just starting to move over to the "i like chikezie" camp, but after last night, i moved myself right back where i was. i didn't care for his performance. not in the slightest.

broooke: the hubby and i couldn't believe this girl is only 24. not that she looks "old" but maybe more mature than that? when she smiles at least she does. when she's looking at the judges, she looks like a little kid. and her mom? i thought she was her sister! there is no way that lady is old enough to have a 24 year old kid! she sang another one of my absolute favorite songs that i like to sing along to. she did a good job, with the band. it would have been GREAT had she just kept it her and the piano.

micheal johns: i liked it. i also liked the beatles' songs he did too. i like mike, what can i say? not much else. i liked it, but i wasn't "in love" with it like the judges.

carly: i didn't care for her performance. it weirds me out with she moves like know with the pelvic thrusts? ok, i spend way too much time watching kids shows...i just flashed on spongebob's bubble blowing technique...pelvic thrust wooooooooooooo. woooooooooo. step on your left foot don't forget it!.........back to carly. i wasn't that into her before, and i'm still not. i don't know, maybe it's because she looks like one of my sister in laws. whatever the reason, i didn't care for her last night.

david archuleta: he was and still is a cute baby. (he makes me want to bake cookies too, rachel. i think he just brings out that motherly instinct.) i didn't like the song. i think he needs to stop trying to sing these "older" songs. i don't mean like, "oh that song is old" more like "this song seems really mature, like some old man should be singing it". does that make sense?

kristy lee: ok, finally a song she didn't totally blow. she did a great job with it. she's just not one of these charismatic performers that can move around the stage. when she tries she looks awkward. i really like this song...pretty sad, but is this the first patriotic song a contestant has sung? she did a good job with it. i think it might save her this week.

david cook: i think one of the reasons i like him so much is i can understand the words when he sings. before he sang it, i think the only words i knew were billy jean is not my lover. she's just a girl that says that i am the one, but the kid is not my son. that was all i could get. granted i still sang along with it whenever it was on. will he be the first rocker to be the american idol? i don't know, mostly because this is the first year i have watched it all the way through. i have really enjoyed it this year though.

who will go home? i think it could be ramiele or chikezie. do you think that ramiele and jason castro can last if she goes home?
hahahaha...sorry i just had to throw that last one in there.

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