Thursday, March 13, 2008

this is so not fair!

all 5 kids have those thick dark eyelashes...just like their dad. why couldn't i get them too? is it too much to ask? i mean, i did give birth to all 5, i nursed all 5, i cook their meals, drive them to their sports practices, friends' houses, and oh so much having some thick luscious eyelashes too much to ask for? i guess so. i guess getting my old metabolism and my flat stretch mark free belly back is not going to happen either.
i guess i can live with that.
i do need to lose some weight though. not for health or beauty reasons, but for the "youngest child uses my belly roll as a security blanket" reason. he has to rub my bare belly when he is near me. in fact he has even gotten to the point of pulling his shirt up and exposing my unsightly belly and laying tummy to tummy. this was so cute when i was nursing, but the kid is going on 3, and my belly is not something i want out there for the world to see. i don't know what to do. the hubby thinks it is not normal. then again, he thought nursing a baby was not "normal" either. i changed his tune on that one! so maybe if i lose the weight, get a flat (uh i should add an er to that) stomach, he won't be so interested in it.

ok, i want to give a shout out to hawaii, texas, missouri, north carolina, and new jersey! thanks for coming by regularly (or not so regularly) to see my little old blog! much appreciated!
and amanda, i would be down there in a second if i could! that is one of the places i want to see so badly!
thanks to all who comment, and those who don't.


The Other Huse said...

you're so cute, Amy! I love that your kids love you so much. Do you know that they make eyelash extensions? Yeah, kind of crazy!

Andrea said...

Not fair. My kids also have those thick, lush eyelashes like dad, when I have so few :(. I am the lucky one with the mommy trophies of extra flab and stretch marks from those c-sections and pregnancies.

Maybe some reality show will take pity on mommies and zap us back into shape :)

Real said...

Amy, my SIL gave me a link to this post of yours and said it reminded her of me. I have to admit, the similarities are totally there!

kate5kiwis said...

chick, i totally know what ya mean about the mummy tummy and i am ecstatic that mine is flattening out, even the stretch marks are looking ok (when i suck my tummy in and turn off the lights lol). i've been pushing weights for about two months now, and finally seeing results. and i'm the sort of personality who almost doesn't start something that doesn't come naturally in case it doesn't work. i know, weird huh. but it is working!!!!!
so, we Five Babies Mums can totally do this.
you go girl X