Wednesday, January 16, 2008

what is the answer?

this is something i have been thinking of lately, mostly after i talked to a man about a pig...yes, i know how that sounds.
what is the fuel source answer? all you hear about on the news is how corn and soybean based fuels are the answer. really? my problems with those answers are:
a) what about when the corn and soybean crops are ruined by floods, drought, insects, basically any natural disaster? what do we do then?
b)what about the rise in food costs? i don't just mean the food stuffs that include corn or soybeans in their ingredients (and that's just about any food produced and packaged). what about the meat animals that eat corn and soybeans. what about the products that come from these animals that eat corn and soybeans? if you really think about it, you won't be able to afford the cereal, or the milk to go on it. and don't even think about bacon and eggs! (this is what i started thinking about when i talked to the man about the pig)

a friend of ours went to australia a couple of weeks ago. he is using a hybrid over there that uses hydrogen and gas. gas is around $3 a litre, and hydrogen is like $.50 a litre. you can use either fuel by it's self. it seems to work pretty well. why aren't we trying this? is there some downside that australia and other countries just don't care about? these cars are made by Chrysler, so it's not like it's some foreign company making's our own companies. why haven't they made more of a big deal about these options? would they work for a huge 12 passenger van? right now my van gets around 12 miles per gallon. the tank holds around 30 gallons. if you fill the tank up, starting at close to empty, it costs me almost $100. i don't drive much, just to get kids from school everyday, and maybe to the grocery store, but i go through a tank a week. if i could get away with paying half that...i'd do it.

i will add that i don't know much about this subject. i am going by how this would effect my family. you know, feeding my family, getting them to where they need to go, pig feed, these all matter in my little corner.

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