Wednesday, January 23, 2008

an eventful 22nd

yesterday was haley's 9th birthday. i have a hard time believing she is 9 already...and double digits next year?! yikes!! i had made a blanket with her in mind, and gave it to her yesterday. i will try to post pics someday. we went out to dinner with my in laws, and she got a nintendo ds game...for the nintendo ds she can't find. that kid!
what can i tell you about my girl haley? she loves animals and reading. she is great at math and reading. in fact she's a 3rd grader doing 4th grade math, and they had to start a new reading program for her and a few other kids in her class. she's a mother hen. and that get's on my nerves (and her siblings nerves too). she's a great kid. she loves swimming and soccer, but can't wait to start volleyball. she is a tomboy, but likes to be girly sometimes too. she is absolutely beautiful and i am scared to death of the day she starts to date!

yesterday, my dog's prodigal daughter returned. or rather was returned. cocoa has been brought back. the woman who took her decided that she was not home enough, and started to travel, so back she came. if you know anyone that would like her, please, please, please, let me know. jeff was not too happy with me. (ok, to say jeff was not too happy is a bit of an understatement.) i am not too happy with me. i was just getting the hang of the 2 dog household, and had to throw number 3 in the mix. she comes with her bowls, her pillows, her toys, and her crate. she has had all her shots. she's a nice dog. we just have enough dogs right now.

oh yeah, and heath ledger died. how sad is that? that man was gorgeous! and has a young daughter. how sad. is it pathetic that i almost cried when i turned on the computer and saw that?


Jen said...

They grow up way too soon these days...what kind of dog is it and how old?

bauer zoo said...

she is a golden retriever and cane corso mastiff mix. she's 4 months old and all black.