Wednesday, January 9, 2008

back by popular demand

last night a good friend came back in town. bryan and his daughter brielle were visiting his mom and stopped by for dinner. well, it was bryan, brielle, bryan's brother mike, and mike's wife, denise, and their daughter paige. we had a pretty nice night. we ate pantera's pizza, and talked about old times, new times and times yet to come. the guys went to nathan's house to see all the changes he's made since he bought it from us. (nathan is in australia for the next 5 or 6 weeks for work) you realize how much you miss people like that when you get to see them. i know bryan was always jeff's favorite brother, mine was always mike. but honestly, it was more because i got to know mike more. bryan was living in AZ when i started to date jeff. when he came back, well, i thought he was a bit full of himself. i haven't changed my mind either. when he came back, he was. now, he is married and a father of 2. he's more down to earth...a real person. his wife is great too. she's so nice. the kids are adorable. zack followed brielle around all night. we had a great night. can't wait for the cruise in feb!

today is my grace's birthday. she's 6 today. it is amazing to me that she's gotten so big. she's my littlest princess. she is smart, funny, beautiful, talented, and talkative. she is one of those people that gets joy out of everything. she is such a great kid...and she's mine.
god definitely blessed me when he gave me my grace.

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I really do read your blogs, but after you mentioned Pantera's pizza, I kind of dazed. I miss Panteras like CRAZY!!! Why on earth have I not gone there every time I've been home? UGH! I remember the days after the dances at the middle school where everyone would walk to get pizza and I never went because I knew my dad would kill me for walking under the highway like that. So, I'd have him pick me up and drop me off down the street a little ways, so everyone would think I was cool. It didn't work. I was still a dork, but I loved the pizza that much.

Happy birthday, Grace!!! Now tell your mom to upload some photos of you!!!