Saturday, January 12, 2008

some more favorites

here are 3 things i have recently found that i absolutely love. they are from Beauticontrol. think avon or mary kay (mary kay has this stuff that is actually great for diaper rash...i don't know what it is called, but it is some pink stuff, thicker than Vaseline.).

1) cabana girl pineapple daiquiri cooling foot creme. this stuff smells so good, you are tempted to eat it. really. it works good, but honestly, the smell is what sold me on it.

2) herbal serenity aromatherapy show of hands. this is great for getting rid of rough, flaky, dry, dead skin. it is dead sea salt mixed with some natural oils.

3) regeneration extreme repair. ok, this is my favorite product. i have tried so many lotions, this worked the best by far.

you may be asking yourselves, why would her opinion matter? well, i am not a doctor...i am a mother of 2 girls that have horrible dry skin on their hands. my girls hands are so red and chapped in the winter, it is miserable for them. i have tried so many things to try to help them...medications, lotions, special soaps, nothing worked. until i found this stuff. i did the "show of hands" on the girls on monday. i followed it up with the "extreme repair". haley's hands had been red, rough, and chapped. afterward, they looked normal. grace too. now i wanted to know how long this would last. i mean, lotion always seems to work, but only for so long, so i checked them when they got home...still looked normal-still felt normal. the next day, without putting anymore on them, they still looked normal. this lasted for 4 days!! i was so happy to finally find something to help my girls. you have no idea how hard it is to not know what to do when your kids hands are cracked and bleeding because they are so dry and chapped. we used so many different lotions and even medications to try to cure this and nothing ever worked before. my hands are just like the girls, but i didn't get it as young as they did. i have been so impressed with these products, i had to put it out there for everyone (all 2 of you) to see. this stuff wasn't cheap, but it works. i know they have all kinds of different products, i don't know how well those work, but i love these three. beauticontrol, i love these products. i will definitely try more.
when i went to jen the nurse's spa party, this is the stuff that was at it. our consultant was really nice. she has one 12 year old daughter (she's in a wheelchair, and is special needs) and triplet 8 year old girls. she was so nice. and helpful.

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