Friday, January 25, 2008


today is the first day since the dogs all left. we decided that our home was not the best home for them...any of them. before i get into it, let me just say, there was not any abuse going on, nor were the dogs showing any dangerous behavior.
the day i brought cocoa home, my husband was not happy. i think i said that before, but believe me, i need to stress how unhappy he was. you see, my husband was not and still isn't an animal lover. don't get me wrong, he doesn't hate animals, and never ever was he unkind to them. he just was raised on a farm, and therefore, he had to witness and help with some pretty nasty farm type activities. that kind of ruined him towards animals. except gimpy the cat. he loved that cat. but that's a story for another day. anyway, i just don't want it to seem like he's the "bad guy" here. he's not.
anyway, after bringing cocoa home, jeff wasn't too happy. then zack, my helper, decided that the dogs needed to go potty. he's helpful like that. well, the bad thing is, when the door opens, sami (the mom) bolts out, followed by the puppies. oh and my mother -in-law's puppy was out too at the time. so all 3 puppies and sami started to run off. jeff yelled for them to come back, and cocoa came back, sami and the others looked at him, and then ran faster away. nice huh? jeff tells me this (i was just getting in the shower), with adding the comment, "we should keep this one, she atleast listens." i'm drying off in the shower. i get dressed, dry my hair, get ready, and come out to a really really really PO'd hubby. i guess our dog food and cocoa aren't mixing too well. she had diarrhea. in like 3 or 4 separate puddles on the kitchen floor. he had cleaned it all up before i got out there. (remember how i said she's housebroken? well, not since she had gotten to my house.) this time we had "the" discussion. the same discussion we've been having for a couple of months. the "sami doesn't listen. she's going to get hurt, or picked up by animal control. the kids don't even pay any attention to any of the dogs. we need to find them somewhere else to go" discussion. not my favorite type. i had been thinking about it. sami has a taste for deer now. thanks to my brother in law leaving all the extras from his hunting, she likes them. she is going out to find more. where is there the best chances to get a dead rotting deer leg? next to busy roads and highways. we have lots of those all around us. who hates deer-eating dogs? hunters, which we have lots of around us. what do they do when a dog comes around and chases the deer, or even worse, gets to the deer before the hunter? they shoot it.
it's not fun getting rid of a dog. i cried for a half an hour in the shower after they came to get them. and i have my good minutes and bad. i had jeff take all the stuff that was left over to his mom and dad. i couldn't look at it. my eyes still hurt and i'm still tearing up writing this.
i emailed the lady that took cocoa. her friend took sami and sally. she told me she would keep me updated on them all. cocoa was fine, she laid in her bed and watched the other dogs. sami and sally napped in the living room most of the evening at her friend's house. i don't know if it makes me feel better or worse that they did so well away from us. i guess i need to give it some time.

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