Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ranting and raving

maybe it is because i now have 3 kids home sick out of 5. granted, i didn't even watch the program this came from, i heard about it on the radio. rosie odonell is a, well i don't even know what to call her. for her to say terrorists are mothers and fathers, i say, that's your opinion. after all, she is a parent. anyone can be a parent. it doesn't make them good people, and it definitely doesn't mean the decisions they make are ok. john wayne gacy was a parent. he murdered lots of young men. does being a parent mean you are given a pass when it comes to acts of terrorism? no, sorry, it doesn't. as for the other comment i heard about, we have more convicted felons in our armed forces now than ever? what is that? where do you get off lady? these people give their lives for our country and you come out with that? just because you can write a check with several zeros in it, does not give you license to say what ever comes thru your (with lack of a better word) mind! i am so tired of famous people giving there $.o2. i don't care what you people think! just because you pretended to be a soldier in some movie you were in, doesn't mean you know what they are going thru or what the people who care about them are going thru. i don't know what they are going thru. i have friends who are military families, but being that i don't have a husband or son/daughter in the military, i wouldn't even dream of thinking i would know what must be going thru their minds. all i can offer is prayers for a safe return, prayers of hope that we are making a positive difference over there. i would be proud of my kids if they end up in the military. i considered joining my senior year. god had other plans for me.

i am sorry if i offended any person (rachel, i think you are the only person who reads this), but i had to get this off of my chest.

the kids are doing ok. haley came home from school with a fever. zack and josh seem to be doing better. it's amazing what vanilla pudding can do for a kid. grace and alex have games tonight. or at least they are supposed to. grace has had at least half of her practices rained out, and now it's looking like her first game will be too. hopefully haley is better by thursday, she has a game that night and so does alex. next week we have the big grudge match between haley's team (my sister in law dawn coaches it) and my niece dani's team (my sister in law debbie coaches it). i feel sorry for dani's team. they are in 1st grade and playing haley's 2nd grade team. believe me, it's not just the age difference, haley's team is undefeated so far...and they have played some tough teams too. alex's team is undefeated too, i think. they play some tough teams. we have been pretty lucky with coaches. alex and haley both have some pretty phenomenal coaches.
anyway, that's what is going on here.

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