Wednesday, May 2, 2007

mish mash

i am counting down the days to my last school board meeting. yes, that's right, i was actually on the school board. of course it's pretty easy to get on there when no one else cares enough to run against you. since i was on the board, we have gotten a new playground (price tag $30,000), and have started a parade to the big BBQ Bash in May. i am on the playground committee, and we have had a pretty tough time. who would have thought that a playground for the kids would be such a divisive issue. i know it was a lot of money. unfortunately, our old playground was unsafe. in fact, while i was doing recess duty, i found a wood picket with a couple of rusty screws hanging out of it. now what would have happened if a little kid picked that up and started swinging it around? after that, the old playground was condemned (by an impartial 3rd party), and then taken down. our new one is pretty cool. the kids all play on it, k thru 8th. we have a pretty small school, only about 200 kids/100 families. thank goodness there were actually people who wanted to run this time. we had 5 people run for 3 two-year terms and then Msgr (our priest) picks one person to be on the board for 1 year. good luck people!

we have had a guest visiting us the past couple of weeks. this gray bird sits at the window by the kitchen table everyday, for hours. sometimes it sings to us, but for the most part it just watches. when you walk towards the window, it flies to the deck rail or the oak tree next to the deck. it's a plain looking bird. she has a light gray head and a dark gray body.

jeff is home from work today. his back has been bothering him again. he has been shoveling a bunch of rock...around our house, and his parents' pool. he is only 31, but he has a hard time doing a lot of physical stuff. and who knew that when you turn 30, you automatically get gray hairs? not on his head, but his chest and goatee. i have a little more than a year to find out if the same will be true for me.

ok, i need to call sara shuppert to wish her a belated happy birthday, and see if she is still up for joining a gym together. now that my feet are better, i can't wait to start working out again.

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Rachel Huse said...

you go girl!

I didn't know you talked to Sara still. Tell her I said hello, please. She's a friend of mine on myspace, but we don't really talk.