Monday, May 7, 2007


why do kids all have different comfort items/behaviors? alex just wanted to nurse. he wouldn't take a pacifier, just wanted to nurse. haley liked to sleep by herself, no one touching her, just put her in her bed and she was out. grace liked to be held and rocked. she liked to be sang to also. josh has his blanket, and he sucks his first 2 fingers on his left hand. and then we have zack, he has to touch my belly. not just touch it, but has to feel the skin and then he pinches and rubs it. not exactly nice for me. this habit shows more skin than when i was nursing. i am not sure how to break him of it. it's not like i can take it away, it's my stomach for pete's sake.

i took the boys to the flea market on sunday. alex got a 20 gallon tank for $8. of course jeff was not thrilled about it. i guess i don't know what the big deal is. he is keeping it in the basement. he wants to put fish he catches in the pond in it. big deal. i told him i don't care, as long as he lets them go after a day or two. i did it when i was a kid, but i didn't have a tank so i kept them in buckets and jars in my bedroom. i figure this way, if he catches lizards and things like that, he can keep them in there. my lizards and snakes used to get loose in the house all the time. i figured i was saving jeff from waking up with a lizard on his pillow (like my parents used to do). i am trying to be a good and loving wife here, and get no credit for it. go figure!

it looks like alex and haley will be going to the show-me games this year. alex is going with his team, and haley is going with the older girls' team. i know the coach, and she asked if haley would come because they needed a few extra girls. hopefully jeff will be able to take off so he can come down with us. otherwise i'll be looking for someone to watch the younger 3 so i can take the older 2.

my oldest niece came back from rome a couple of weeks ago. she is zack's godmother. she had been there since jan, basically she spent a semester at slu's campus there. she's wanting to be an ot. she had a great time over there, she traveled alot. i am glad she's home now though.

i had some stuff i wanted to write about over the weekend, but i totally forgot what i wanted to say...i hate when that happens.

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