Monday, May 21, 2007

100 things

rachel's list made me laugh, and then made me think. i like those kinds of lists, you know, the kind that make you think of yourself. the things you have in common, the things you didn't know about that person, the things you may not have wanted to know about but suddenly can't get out of your mind. here are my 100 things.
1. i am a mom of 5 kids
2. i am a wife
3. i don't think i am really all that good at either
4. i had my first child 30 days after i turned 18
5. there are almost 9 years between having my oldest and my youngest
6. i wouldn't change it for anything
7. i wanted to go to culver-stockton college
8. i went for a semester at sccc
9. i had a full scholarship for sccc
10. i met my husband thru nike
11. we had dated for about 6 months before i got pregnant with my oldest child
12. we got married when our oldest was about 9 months old
13. my parents split up about 3 weeks before i turned 13
14. in that 3 weeks, my cat died and so did my lizard
15. friday the thirteenth has never been a good day for me
16. when i was a kid, i loved catching snakes, lizards, and turtles
17. i still love catching all of those things still
18. it freaks me out to think my kids could get hurt trying to do the same things i used to do.
19. my husband was my first serious boyfriend
20. my friends called me "backseat amy"
21. back seat amy was because i made out with chad h. in the back seat of sara's mom's car
22. just the thought of eating leftover spaghetti makes me physically ill
23. i can crochet
24. i like to crochet
25. i was a bad girl in school
26. i got good grades in school
27. i didn't have to try to get good grades in school
28. i had 2 favorite teachers in school
29. after i told them i was pregnant, only one of those teachers would talk to me
30. i am the oldest granddaughter on both sides of my family.
31. i am the oldest grandchild on my mom's side.
32. i have cousins younger than my kids.
33. i have 13 biological aunts and uncles
34. only 1 out of the 13 do i feel close to
35. i have more than 30 cousins.
36, i have only been catholic for 6 years
37. i experimented with lots of religions (examples wicca, baptist)
38. i was called into the counselor's office because of the wicca experiment
39. i skipped alot of classes my senior year
40. i got caught, but got out of trouble because of my pregnancy
41. i used the "pregnancy" card alot senior year
42. i forgot they played the national anthem friday mornings in school because of skipping
43. i loved the show 7th heaven
44. i also love the show soprano's
45. i wish i could paint
46. when i was little, i saved up my money to buy chickens
47. i also drew up my own plans for a chicken coop
48. my favorite dog was a english springer spaniel
49. i had 3 grandparents die when i was pregnant with my first 3 kids
50. those were the middle names we picked for our first 3 kids
51. i am the oldest of 3
52. i always felt more like a mom to my sister and brother
53. i am a daddy's girl
54. i am right handed
55. i bowl left handed
56. i have always been shy
57. in 5th grade i would bring lizards to school on my shoulder
58. i haven't kept in touch with many of my friends from high school
59. until this school year i was not the youngest mom in my oldest's class
60. i am a little embarrassed about how young i am
61. until i had kids, i never had problems with my weight
62. i was a bully when i was younger
63. i changed my ways when a boy in another class was killed in an accident
64. i was in a gifted class in grade school
65. i love gardening
66. i love the way my kids' hair smells after they've been playing outside
67. i didn't like "the office" the first time i watched it
68. i turned my husband on to the "stargate" series, and the "atlantis"series
69. i love the scifi channel
70. i don't have a specific favorite color
71. i see my husband's family more than my own
72. i tried to talk a friend out of marrying.
73. i wish i would have tried harder
74. my goal is to lose 45 pounds before i turn 30
75. i worry....a lot
76. i love spring and fall
77. my dad named me after his littlest sister, his god-daughter
78. bi-polar disorder runs in my family
79. that scares me
80. i worked at hardee's longer than any other job
81. i really liked working there
82. i still email people i knew from there
83. i was in 4th grade the first time i went to the dentist
84. i nursed all 5 kids
85. very rarely do i eat pasta if i haven't cooked it myself
86. i never watched the birth of any of my kids
87. my mom, jeff, my mother in law, and 3 sister in laws, watch the births
88. i pray my kids are closer as they get older
89. i wish i was nicer to my brother and sister when we were younger
90. i wanted to be a lawyer, a judge, and president when i was younger
91. i don't think i really knew what i wanted to be
92. i never played sports when i was a kid
93. i coached soccer
94. i think i did a pretty good job coaching
95. i am not scared of going to confession. it is a great outlet.
96. i was really mean to my step-mom when i was younger
97. i really regret that
98. i was really mean and resentful to my dad
99. i regret that too
100. i didn't realize how difficult it would be to write this list. i try not to use "i" and "me" that much.

i hope this list is not depressing. i don't think i doubled anything, but it took me several hours to get this all down. so i'm not promising anything.


Anonymous said...

GREAT LIST!!! I'm impressed!

So...what did you read about me that you wish you hadn't? :-)

bauer zoo said...

you know, i can't say there was anything bad in your list. in fact that's why i like reading yours, you are so positive. i feel like i am bellyaching (to quote my dad) alot. anyway, thanks rachel.