Monday, April 30, 2007


poor zack and josh have hand, foot and mouth disease. it is a virus that causes sores/blisters on the hands and feet, but is especially painful in the mouth. i actually had this before. when alex was about 7 mos old, he got it. he was miserable. all he wanted to do was give mommy kisses (reason? mommy kisses always make boo-boos better). anyway, i ended up getting it too. couldn't eat anything but yogurt and pudding. i ended up losing like 15lbs. so now my littlest boys have it. they are miserable too. zack has been wanting french fries and nuggets, but when he tries to eat them, he just cries. his little feet look so sad too. sores all over the heel and around his toes. josh isn't as bad, but he hasn't been eating much of anything either. every time he tries, he starts crying too. man, it sucks. if i could only get it instead of them! i hate my kids being in so much pain, and nothing i do helps.

oh yeah, i went to the doctor today. i can start wearing a real tennis shoe again. no more boot. i will let you know when we have the ceremonial burning of the boot. no more bunions, no more boots, no more pain. now i need to start exercising.

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