Friday, April 20, 2007

i miss having a baby around!

today was "mission carnival" day at school. basically, for a couple of hours, the kids play games (for prizes like candy) and try to win raffle baskets, you know fun stuff. all the money goes to whatever mission they are raising it for. i believe one year it went to a priest in africa for building schools, this year they are deciding between several different ones. the kids had a blast, haley won a cake at the cake walk. good time all around.
anyway, my friend jen was there with her little 6 week old girl meghan. i haven't seen her yet, and i couldn't believe how perfectly she fit in my arms. now you would think that after being pregnant 5 times and having 5 babies, i would be tired of kids. WRONG!! all of a sudden, i totally regret telling jeff it was ok for him to have a vasectomy. it is crazy to see so many of the moms at the kids school that didn't even start having kids until they were the age i am now. i would say a third of the parents in alex's class are old enough to be MY parents. in fact 2 of them have kids that are only a couple of years younger than i am. in haley's class, one of the dad's have 2 kids that are in their 30's!!
a little off the subject but bear with me, this reminds me of when alex was in kindergarten, one of the men at school (the janitor actually) said i looked very familiar, what was my family name etc. then asked what high school i went to. i said FZN, and one of the mom's overheard us, she asked what year i graduated. i said, " you don't want to know". she kept on asking said " we might know some of the same people". so finally i told her 1996. she answered "oh". one of the other mom's starts laughing, asking what year the other mom graduated. "1986, we don't know any of the same people". i can laugh about it now, but honestly, then i was so embarassed. i figured i would be one of the youngest mom's in alex's class, and haley's too. but i felt like i had tatooed "was pregnant in high school" on my forehead. it wouldn't be a big deal if the kids went to public school, but since they go to catholic school, i guess i was worried about people looking at me funny. i shouldn't have felt like that. i guess i was always one of those kids that felt like i was outside looking in.
ok i am getting a little depressing. i will try again later.

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