Tuesday, April 24, 2007

they're here

my brother in law and alex, haley and 3 of their cousins went to get the chicks yesturday afternoon. 36 in all. 15 buff orpington (gold colored chicken with lots of fluffy feathers), 15 barred plymouth rock (black and white chicken...the kind you see on antiques with chicken motif), and 6 red rocks (not sure about these. heard they may not be the nicest chickens that's why they only got 6). now since they didn't get the kind i like, i am thinking i may go to the store and get a couple americanas (they lay colored eggs. i mean like blue, bluegreen, green) and maybe a couple of bantams (basically mini chickens. they are just smaller than the others, and are really pretty.). anyway, so far so good. alex will be going to my brother in law's house after school to see if there is anything for him to do. it will be a little tricky, with baseball and afterschool clubs, but i think he will surprise jeff. i really hope he does, otherwise i will be hearing "i told you so" for ever!
anyway, today is grace's last tball practice. games start next week. i am excited. why? i couldn't tell you. watching tball is like watching paint dry. this is why I picked the team. i picked all parents that i like. (the kids are ok too) paint is so much easier to watch when you have fun people around to watch it with. oh, i meant tball is so much easier to watch, sorry!
3 kids all playing sports. i never realized what a juggling act it was. especially if you have all 3 playing the same day at the same time at different places. luckily that is not me this year. but jeff and i were talking about how we will have all 5 kids playing baseball/softball at the same time in a couple of years. and again in soccer season all 5 will play at the same time again. i am sure i will be totally insane by then!

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Anonymous said...

How do you see straight!? Your life is so busy, I'm tired just reading this blog!