Thursday, April 26, 2007

have you seen this frog?

our african claw toed frog is missing. i couldn't tell you how long it has been gone, at least a month i think. he lived in the basement, or at least he moved down there. he is green, slimy, and has claws on his toes and fingers(?). if you see him or some frog matching his description, please let me know.
actually it isn't all bad that he disappeared, with him gone, i moved 4 baby chicks in his tank. they are really cute. 2 americanas and 2 little bantam chicks. the americanas are striped, one is like a gold and red/brown, the other is silver and black. grace and olivia (i watch her) picked out the bantams. grace liked the white one, and olivia picked the black one. they are soooo cute.
they are now living in the basement, next to the bearded dragons, and across the steps from the dog's crate. they seem to all be getting along well. the chicks are a little noisier than the last resident, but i think they will get better. i hope anyway, or jeff might try to evict them. did i mention that i forgot to discuss with jeff the chicks moving in? yeah, he was not exactly happy. i had to do some really unspeakable acts to get him to let them stay...please don't ask, i don't want to relive the trauma. no one should be forced to clean AND do the laundry. so now the chicks are allowed to stay another week.
i was actually worried about jeff's reaction. he came home about an hour late, and didn't call. turns out, one of the guys at work was outed for being a swinger. a friend of a guy new to the sales team, is also a swinger and he told the new guy all about him and his wife. now you would have to have seen the couple in question to really know why this is sooo gross. she looks like princess fiona from the shrek movies. not the cute princess, but the ogre fiona...well without the green skin. he is perfectly round, except for his large sharp nose. and weasel eyes. i know it is mean to say, but really, this is what they look like. they also have kids. the youngest is like 5. jeff has known about this for a while. apparently if you google some one's email address or a name they like to go by, you can get a lot of info about them. try it sometime. anyway, it has been a running joke since jeff started there almost 4 years ago. never a dull moment there.

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Anonymous said...

You need a sign out in front of your house that reads "Bauer Zoo"

I'm totally going to google everyone's email address I know. Lorelai just fell asleep and I should be napping, but no...I'll be googling. Thanks!