Thursday, April 19, 2007

count down to first communion

saturday is the big day. haley's first communion. 40 people (give or take) in my house. luckily, that is just close family. thank goodness it is supposed to be beautiful that day. i don't really have much to do, well except clean the house. i have been working on that for about a week now. you know, with me being home all day, you would think it would be easy to keep the house clean. but with 3 kids home during the day, (not to mention any kids i watch being there too) and the 4 that come home from school, my house is constantly dirty.

rachel told me i should start this thing when i kept emailing her about the bunnies having bunnies. well, the bunnies are gone now. i guess now's as good a time as any. we are a bunny free home. i expect it to stay that way. jeff thinks we have too many pets as it is. like a dog, two bearded dragons, two baby turtles, and about 10 fish are too many pets. the baby turtles are the coolest pets though. when they see me in the kitchen, they swim to the glass and watch me, and try to get my attention. they even look at you when you talk to them! i know "what a freakin' geek". well i am rambling now. better get to the kids in the tub!

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Anonymous said...

I am soooooo excited that you jumped on board! I'm adding you to my page so everyone else can see you too!

Can't wait to hear more! Keep it up! Have a great time at first communion.