Saturday, June 28, 2008

today the kids are all spending the night with my mom. i don't think she's ever had all 5 spend the night before. at least not at her place. i think she's come here before, but i don't think it's been since zack was born. she would come and stay a week with us after grace and josh were born. she was a huge help. it gave me time to bond with my newest baby, and know the others were being taken care of.
anyway, tonight is date night for us. i don't know where we are going, or what we'll be doing, but i can't wait. hubby's at work right now. hopefully he'll get home at a decent hour so we can go out.
the pig is doing great. she's still friendly, still likes to swim in the pond, and still grunts when she sees us or hears us. if anyone is looking for a pet pig, she'd be perfect for you. or do you need a pig for a movie? perfect choice right here. what does she look like? well, i still haven't taken any pictures of her (i know, bad pigmom), but this is pretty much what she looks like...

well, except that our pig is a girl, and so she doesn't have the *eh-hem* bulge in the back...and she has a little more white on her legs and belly. and her back legs (hams) are huge. other than that, this pig is the spitting image of our little girl.

ok, rachel, swingtown is a show on CBS on thursday nights.
it is about a couple that were married right out of highschool, that move to a new neighborhood, and meet the new neighbors...who just happen to be swingers. i happen to like it. it will definitely not be for everyone. of course, the fact that we actually know some swingers makes it all the more fun to watch...(did that sentence make sense? sounded funny to me) i told my husband that if all swingers looked like the couple on the show, there would be more people willing to try it out. unfortunately the ones we know look more like, um, well princess fiona and the penguin (from the batman movies). yeah, i know, attractive picture. and people actually swap partners with them! gross!...i just threw up a little in my mouth...

anyway, check out swingtown, i like it. the hubby likes it. of course, like i said, it's not for everyone.

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I was so excited...thought you had posted a real picture of the pig. Girl, you act like you have your hands full or something. ha ha!!!

Alright, Swingtown doesn't sound like my kind of show, but if I catch it, I'll check it out. :-) Thanks for the clarification.