Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day

well, i think my hubby is enjoying his day. i say "i think" because he is no where around. he went to the cardinal's game. haley is in florida. she is loving it! i talked to her yesterday, and she was swimming and having a great time. kids have been driving me crazy. i get 3 more on little sister is working on monday, and i'm not sure if this will be a regular thing or not. it depends on the hours she gets. if it's first shift, i'll be getting them everyday. if it is second shift, then i just don't know. and third shift...well, i hope they would get to stay home and sleep! it's not like they live that close ( a good 25 minute drive without traffic), so i can't get them to school when it starts...and i can't pick them up either. i guess we'll just see.
my dad is heading back to florida today. we spent the day with him yesterday, and my 4 remaining kids spent the night there. they love spending time with my dad and stepmom. i wish my grandpa would have made it yesterday, but my stepmom's dad was there, so the kids had 2 grandpa's to visit with. they have no other grandkids so they love my kids and my nieces. i miss haley. she's the biggest help. she's always willing to do what i need her to do and with little complaint. grace is a great help too, but some stuff she's still just a little to young/small to help with. now, alex, he's a great help...when he feels like helping. otherwise, well, not so much. josh and zack, they like to do their own thing. josh thinks he can shirk helping and still get to do the fun way pal!
well, off to the in-law's house for celebrating....and playing cards.

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