Sunday, June 22, 2008

water water everywhere

well, except for our house. it is pretty close. we live on the west side of 79. the water is on the east side. when the hubby leaves to go to work, he sees the flood. it's behind his workplace, it's around the roads he takes to get to work. we are really lucky to be able to not only get out and get around, but just to be able to live in our home. we know people that have to boat in and out of their homes. we know people that have been out rescuing fawns, and other wildlife. this has got to be the worst time for animals...spring is the time of babies, and now there are going to be so many that are going to be separated from them. north of us is where the levees broke. so many lost their homes.
haley is home from disneyland. (that's the one in florida, right?) she had a blast. she brought gifts home for us all, and i am so glad she's home safe and sound. she came home saturday morning, and so i had one whole day of having all five kids home...before alex left today for 4-H camp. he's going to be home on wednesday. haley starts basketball camp tomorrow. my SIL, dawn, is taking her. dawn is one of the coaches that is in charge, so it works out well for us.
i am having a tough time keeping up with everything. the house is not anywhere near as clean as it should be. i have been wanting to scrub the floor for a couple of weeks now. it still isn't done. i'm lucky to get it swept every other day. i am doing dishes constantly.
i must say, i have been cooking more now than i ever did before. i make lunch every day. i make brownies and cakes a couple of times a week. i could be a domestic diva...if someone felt like keeping my house clean and doing the dishes for me. anyone? anyone at all? i'll make you some of the best brownies you've ever tasted if you clean my house, or just scrub my floor.
my garden is doing well. i've already picked a couple of cucumbers and a green hot pepper. i am hoping to get some more straw down in the next day or two. i think i have room to plant some potatoes, and maybe some other stuff. right now i have 3 zucchini, 5 tomato , 4 broccoli, 4 sweet potatoes, 2 hot pepper, 2 watermelon, and 2 cucumber plants. i didn't plan to plant any cucumbers. i don't care for them, and no one in my house likes them...but they were mislabeled as zucchini plants, and i didn't realize what they were when i planted them. i know some of my neighbors like them, so they won't go to waste.
not much else to blog about. i guess i could talk about the show Swingtown. (love it!) but i have a very sleepy little guy on my lap right now, and it is getting increasingly more difficult to type with a tired head on one wrist and a flailing arm on the other.
so good night folks! hopefully i will get to post some more soon.

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Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

I'm so glad to hear that the floods haven't affected you!!

You ARE a domestic diva, girl. I love it!

I haven't ever heard of Swingtown. What is that?

Have a great week!