Monday, June 2, 2008

miracle monday

hello dear readers! i would like to share what happened to a friend a couple of years ago. jeff (the friend not my hubby) is the step dad of one of alex's friends. he's a really nice guy, very "faith" filled man. he lost his mom to breast cancer when he was pretty young. he's a great dad. he's also a duck hunter. a very avid duck hunter, as are many men out in our parts. (not my hubby though) he and several of his friends have a really nice duck blind...complete with a cooking stove and chairs, a lower level...very nice. this cook stove is a propane stove. he arrived early one morning so he could get some breakfast cooking before his friends got there, and when he went to light the stove....


the stove had been left on a little, or there was a slight leak in the tank, no one is really sure, but the result was the same...the lower level of the blind had filled with propane. when he went to light the stove, it exploded and blew him into the water. his friends heard the explosion and called 911 on their cell phones, as they rushed to him. he was in the hospital for over a month recovering from the burns on his arms, hands, and face.

there are so many miraculous things that came together here for this man.
1. he was the only one in the blind, it could have been so much worse had they all been there.
2. he didn't bend down to light the stove, he just lit the match and lowered his hand. his burns would have been so much worse, possibly could have caused his death.
3. he was blown into the water. had he not hit the water, his burns would have been worse.
4. his friends were right there.

this man's wife spent every day at that hospital with him. they had friends that spent every day with them, helping them with their kids, helping them at the hospital. they had our parish praying for them constantly.

today, i am so happy to say, he has really no visible scars. there are no scars on his face at all. there may be slight scarring on his arms, but you can't tell. he is a different man. before his accident, he was involved in so many church committees. he is taking things a little slower now. he's appreciating life more now.

this man is truly a miracle.


Denise said...

Wow, such an awesome miracle. Thanks for sharing.

Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Wow! That's an incredible story!

Beth said...

What a wonderful miracle. So glad so many things came together to ensure that he survived to tell others about his miracle!