Thursday, October 2, 2008


it's not the pox!!!! i am really happy that, well, it's not chicken pox.

what is it?

well, it is something bacterial...

like a strep infection in the skin (been there done that before)

or a small staph infection in the skin (been there done that too)

or impetigo (don't think we've done that one)

basically, while it is still spreading, it isn't nearly as bad as it was the other night. doesn't make sense does it? she's still getting little bumps (like bug bites) but they don't itch that badly, and they don't hurt as bad as they have been. the ones from the other day have started to fade quite a bit. so she's getting better...but i still have to give her some meds.

and she's not contagious.

so i let everyone at the school know that it's not the pox. and i let all the family know, and the families that i watch. so we should be good to go!

i'll let you all know about alex's soccer game, and baseball game, and leaving for his trip to (ha you thought i was going to tell you!) and the bookfair family night. no major funny-ness, or anything. just boring old me.

*thanks for the prayers for rachel, she's doing well!

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Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

So glad it's not the chicken pox!

Hopefully whatever it is will go away quickly!