Thursday, October 2, 2008

a pox upon your house!

grace could have chicken pox.

just in time for the book-fair family night tonight.

i don't think it is, but my MIL said it looked like what her kids had when they had the "pox".

they only itch a little bit, but they hurt if you touch them.

they are only on her trunk.

they looked like whiteheads on her belly, sternum, and sides...oh and a few on her back and arms.

no fever, no feeling bad. just these hurtful little bumps.

and she's had the vaccine! couldn't go to pre school or regular school without it.

we see the doctor today...hopefully it's something else!

**please pray for my dear friend rachel. she's having surgery today. you can check her out here

i need to get back to my scratching. ever since i saw those spots, i'm the one itching!

2 comments: said...

OH, I HATE the chicken pox! I had it -- TWICE!!! I know, they say it can't happen but I sure did. It was horrible and I still have scars.

Hang in there!


Huse Blog is it Anyway? said...

Wow, I sure hope it's not chicken pox! How did the doctor visit go?

Thank you for the request for prayers! They all worked. I'm alive still!! ;-)