Saturday, October 25, 2008

pillow talk

i have been dealing with puking kids since 4am yesterday.

zack woke me up by puking on my pillow.

he didn't get any on me, but not exactly the way i want to wake up.

he continued to puke all day, and by evening he was feeling better. but he wasn't able to go to grandma and grandpa's house. and he was ticked!

i picked the rest of the kids up right before the girls played. both my girls were playing at 9am. alex was complaining about his belly hurting. yeah, great.

except it wasn't him that threw up as soon as i parked the car.

it was haley. she did good though. for the most part, she hit the parking lot and not much got in the car.

so she didn't get to play. and she's missing her volleyball game too. and i'm not sure if i'll be sending her to the game tomorrow.

the weekend isn't all shot though...josh's team won! coach d is out of town (ha go figure) and i was the one coaching. i had 2 parents helping me, but we only had 9 kids today. we have 20 on the team. for not getting much of a break, they played awesome. the kid that scored the goal is one that hasn't scored yet. i was so proud of him. he was so proud of himself. he kept asking me if i saw his kick.

then i got the call that zack puked again at the soccer field.

what a fantastic weekend!


Huse Yo Mama said...

Man, I bet when one of your kids gets sick, they all quickly catch on! Yikes! Hadn't even thought of that with a large family. I hope they're feeling better.

And how cool is it that the one kid finally scored. I bet he will talk about that all week!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Ugh! I hope everyone feels better soon. Nothing worse than a bunch of puking kids! said...

Bless your heart!


I don't care whose puke it is -- it makes me sick. I am a sympathy puker.