Wednesday, December 19, 2007

where have you been all my life?!

these are a few things i just recently found out about. i love them. really, if i could marry them, i would.

mucinex. i probably just butchered the spelling, but i love it. i haven't used anything that worked this good in a...well, ever! it didn't just shift everything around. you know like when you can breathe, but don't bend over because your head will explode. i love this stuff.

ammonia. i love smelling this stuff. it really cleans the palate. yes i am kidding...about the smelling part at least. i never washed clothes with this stuff before. oh my gosh! i was totally missing out. you see, i am not that good at laundry. it probably has to do with the fact i hate doing laundry. so sometimes i don't get the clothes out of the washer right away...or even the same day i started them. occasionally, they may sit in there for a few days...never more than a week! but anyway, as you know, laundry starts to stink if it is wet for too long. ammonia is the answer. it even works on pee smell. (kids, people, not me) i love it. it does a great job with the smells and everything actually ends up smelling cleaner than before. why didn't anyone ever tell me about this stuff?

on to the daily buzz...

we went to jeff's work party last night. we closed down hooters. jeff and i were the last ones to leave. i had a few daiquiris and (not much, i was driving) got to meet some of jeff's co-workers. they seem nice enough. definitely different. very different. but very entertaining. everyone had a great time.

time to go...the kids took all the cushions off the couch and are now jumping from the steps to the couch. i need to catch them before we end up needing an er visit!


Jennifer said...

I cannot tell you how many pairs of undies I have thorwn away b/c of the "pee" smell.....YEAH ther is an answer!!! I will buy some tonight!!



Jennifer - it would help if you just quit peeing in your pants! Seriously!

And I'm totally going to buy some ammonia too. I don't pee in my pants, but I sure do leave laundry in the washing machine too long!!!

And mucinex - LOVE IT! The commercials make me cringe a little, though! :-)