Thursday, December 13, 2007

a little of this and that

yesterday, i was home all day with 2 kids that had pink eye. somehow i didn't notice alex had it when he left. he got to school, and at church, his eye started itching and hurting. they called me at 9am. thank goodness i could just use the drops i got for both him and grace.

jason's girlfriend doesn't have any kids. apparently that was the other girl he had been dating. she was bartender/singlemom contemplating joining the military. he is actually dating unemployed girl contemplating joining the military while sponging off those around her. whew, what a mouthful!

that wasn't very nice of me to say. she will henceforth be known as the job-impaired girl he is dating.

that's a little more PC isn't it?

anyway, the annual cookie-bake at my grandma's is this weekend! this is one of my favorite things in the universe. i really do look forward to this day all year long. you see i have a bit of a sweet tooth. i also like to eat cookie dough. it is actually to the point they make 5 times what we need so all of us cookie dough addicts can get our fill. i think i will be making peanut butter blossoms again. those are a peanut butter cookie with a hershey kiss in the middle. awesome when fresh out of the oven.

i think tomorrow i will try to come up with a cool christmas post. we still have to put up the tree. maybe i can get the tree done tonight, and the post done tomorrow. we shall see.

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Okay, first off, I hope the kids get better soon.

Secondly, I hope that your next post includes the recipe to the yummy cookies!!!