Monday, December 3, 2007

the very busy weekend

hello again, it's time for another installment of "the very busy weekend"!

the "breakfast for dinner with santa" (what a long long name!) went well. except for the hour i waited in line for the breakfast for dinner part. yes, an hour. i'm glad the kids ate a snack before we came up! they got pics with santa, bought some presents for each other, and ate pancakes and sausage. alex opted out of coming with us. apparently there was nothing he wanted to buy for zack at the workshop and there was no way i could get him to take a santa picture.

the craft fair went surprisingly well. we ended up with about 20 vendors and an attendance of around 100 people. i had to take the kids with me (minus alex of course) because everyone was busy. they were so good. i stuck them in a closet and locked them in...hardly heard a peep!

just kidding, i didn't lock them in. they watched a movie in there, colored, and ate untold amounts of candy. it was right behind where i was working, so it was a perfect spot. the weather was rotten, but not nearly as bad as was expected. i think we may do this again next year!

sunday was the big car club party. they raise money every year for a children's home down south somewhere. it's for kids that were neglected, or their parents are meth addicts. they try to give these kids a good christmas, so they were able to raise around $1000 for the kids. they all talked about how cute my kids are (tell me something i don't know!) and i think they all had a great time.

unfortunately, the weekend was not without it's great aunt regina died. she was a great lady. she always had a kind word, and i believe she was my dad's favorite aunt. unfortunately she had a weight problem, and i am sure this must have been one of the reasons she died so young (only 68). it also makes me think of my grandma. it will be 10 years this may. she died 3 days after i found out i was pregnant with haley. we hadn't even told anyone yet. atleast uncle dale will have his kids, and my grandpa to help him thru this.

aunt regina, you will be missed!

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